The 99th Divorce Chapter 461

Chapter 461 I Will Pay You And We Will Be Clear

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After eating, Li Sicheng drove them to the place where they met Rong Rui yesterday, stopped the car, dropped them off, and immediately took his wife to park.

Wearing ill-fitting shoes, Cheng You’s posture was a bit weird. She stumbled toward her home. Feeling that Rong Rui was walking behind her, she felt quite disturbed. She turned around and looked at him, saying unceremoniously, “make a list of the clothes and shoes I am wearing, as well as the clothes last night, coffee, room fee, and the taxi fare. I will pay you, and we will be clear, OK?”

He arched an eyebrow, and seeing how willing she was to cut him out of her life, he clenched his fists.

“Forget it, what is your account number? I will pay you directly, saving the trouble.” She sounded impatient and distant with her hand in her pocket.

“These, you can pay for. However, my virgin body, you can’t afford.”

“Tut… It was also my first time, and judging by how skilled you were, you shouldn’t pretend to be a virgin. We live in modern society and you were head over heels for that Tang bitch, who knows you…” Before she finished her sentence, she was pressed against the wall behind her. Startled, she immediately stopped talking.

His eyes were full of anger. He was staring at her as if he wished to shred her into pieces. She saw him like this and was a bit scared. But in the end, as a wise woman, she sneered, her almond-shaped eyes filled with irony. “Why? Don’t you allow me to talk about that Tang bitch this way? Now you are both single, so isn’t that perfect? A scumbag and a bitch with a bastard, isn’t that a perfect Mmm…”

Rong Rui blocked her lips with force. Cheng You felt her lips hurting. This time the kiss was different from any previous one. Rough, violent, he was using no skill and no pity! He was angry, he was venting, and there was nothing more! She clearly noticed his emotions and struggled with both hands and feet, but he was pressing her shoulders down. No matter how she struggled, she couldn’t move.

He bit her lip hard. She frowned in pain and yanked her head away. Just as their lips parted, a drop of liquid dripped onto her hand. Cheng You gasped, the sweet taste filled her mouth, and slowly the liquid slid down her lips. She wiped her mouth and saw a touch of red.

Rong Rui saw the blood on her lips and calmed down. Reaching out and gently rubbing her lips, he felt her cold gaze. “Cheng You, listen…”

“F**k you!” Shei sprayed the blood that came out of her lips onto his face. “Pervert!”

He closed his eyes and wiped his face. A few blood marks immediately appeared on his face.

Cheng You used all her strength to push him away, sneered, and then ran away.

Rong Rui looked at her from behind, clenched his fist several times, and finally gave up in frustration.

Cheng You had no money and no key. Going to the door and pressing the doorbell like crazy, she waited a few minutes before someone came out to open the door.

Mrs. Cheng’s eyes were still groggy. Seeing the blood on her lips, she became wide-awake and gasped, “is that boy so fierce?”