The 99th Divorce Chapter 462

Chapter 462 Ended Up In The Hospital

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Cheng You heard the words of her mother, smiled coldly and walked into the room with a sullen face. She warned, “if anything like last night happens again, Mrs. Cheng, I will disown you.” After saying, she slammed the door, making a loud bang!

Feeling ominous, Cheng You’s mother immediately called Rong Rui to inquire about the situation.

In the evening, after dinner.

Li Sicheng’s car was waiting at the entrance of Yijing Bay. Rong Rui came down, but Cheng You did not come. It was not because her mother refused, but because she didn’t want to see Rong Rui. He was afraid that she hated him even more than before. He knew that very well, so when Mrs. Cheng called him, he did not say anything that should not be said.

When they arrived at Kingstown, it was already past 10 PM. After saying goodbye to Rong Rui, Li Sicheng drove directly back to the old house. However, what he did not expect was that when they got home, they were greeted with a big fight.

“Bastard! If your supervisor didn’t call me, I would not even know about it!”

Su Qianci had just entered the door when she heard the angry voice of Li Xiao. She rushed in. The sound came from the study. Su Qianci ran in there and saw Li Jinnan kneeling on the floor with his head down at first glance.

Holding the birch, Li Xiao looked furious. “You have grown up, right? Li Jinnan, you are only twenty-five years old and have a good future. There are few who can become a major as young as you. You…”

As he said that, he was about to whip Li Jinnan. Frightened, Su Qianci quickly shouted, “father!” The whip was two fingers thick. If hit by it, his flesh would be torn apart.

When Li Xiao saw Su Qianci coming in, his anger was slightly alleviated as he asked, “where is Sicheng?”

Just at that moment, Li Sicheng walked in and saw the scene inside. He gently pulled her and said, “go to sleep first.”

She turned to look inside the study and hesitated.

“It’s okay. Let’s go.” He pulled her to the bedroom.

As anxious as she was, she knew that this was not something she could participate in. After showering, she was lying on the bed tossing and turning when he came in.

“How was it?” she asked.

He walked over and sat down at the bedside, gently shaking his head. “He was whipped a few times and is now in the hospital. He is more fit than I am, and there should be no problem.”

Su Qianci had a vague feeling that it should be more than just a few whips, but she still let out a sigh of relief and said, “that kind of birch could kill.”

“Jinnan is his son, and no matter how angry he is, he will not kill him. However, dad and grandpa are both very disappointed.”

“Well, he has his own pursuits. However, you must warn him not to do anything illegal. Since he’s no longer a soldier, it would be good for him to do business with you.” In her previous lifetime, Li Jinnan made himself too many enemies, and he had been hunted several times. Every time the news came to the old house, grandpa and Li Xiao had been furious and greatly disappointed. If in this life, Li Jinnan no longer participated in those activities, there might not be so many accidents.

Li Sicheng nodded and rubbed her head, feeling a bit jealous. “The boy is very sneaky. He will not necessarily listen to me. Don’t think about it too much. Go to sleep now.”

If You Want, I Can Also

After resting for a day at home playing chess with grandpa, Su Qianci went to sleep early. On the next day, in her sleep, Su Qianci felt a big hand moving on her body early in the morning. She moaned and removed his hand. However, a hand became even more naughty and started to tickle her waist. Being ticklish, she could not help laughing. Holding his hand, she chuckled and said in a girlish tone, “stop it”

With a smile, he helped her up and put clothes on her. “Get up. We have something to do today.”

“What is it?” She opened her groggy eyes when she was suddenly undressed by him. She was not wearing a bra. She shuddered and covered her chest. “No!”

Li Sicheng chuckled and tapped her on the nose, handing over the clothes he had already prepared. “What are you thinking? Put on your clothes.” Mortified, Su Qianci took her bra from him and gave him a stare. He saw it, leaned over and whispered, “if you want, I can also…”

“No!” She pushed him away. “You will hurt the baby.”

“What are you talking about? I was going to say I can also help you get dressed.” He took the bra in her hand, leaning in to help her put it on. Her face went red again. Even her neck was reddish. Mesmerized, Li Sicheng stopped breathing for a second. Instead of going back, he took her into his arms and gently sucked on her earlobe.

Su Qianci shuddered and put her hands on his chest, making ambiguous moans. But she quickly stopped herself and whispered, “didn’t you say we have something to do today Ah, don’t bite!”

Li Sicheng took the dress that had just been prepared for her and put it on her. With an even bigger smile, she murmured, “I’m just pregnant, not paralyzed. You get me dressed every day. What if I don’t know how to dress myself in the future?”

“Then I will… help you get dressed all your life.” His nose touched hers before he kissed her lips. “Now may I ask Mrs. Li to raise her arms so that I could put them into the sleeves?”

“Very well, Mr. Li.”

After Su Qianci got dressed and walked out, she discovered that it was already past 11 AM. No wonder Li Sicheng came to wake her up. After some appetizers, it was time for lunch. Li Jinnan had stayed in the hospital the previous day, and he looked much better now. He was always wearing just a shirt, so he looked particularly bloated and pale today. When he saw Su Qianci, Li Jinnan called, “sister-in-law.”

“Brother-in-law, here is lunch.”

Li Jinnan smiled and raised his hand. It was difficult for him to pick up the chopsticks. He sucked in some cold air while eating.

“How come you didn’t stay in the hospital longer? The nurses would take care of you. It is too inconvenient for you to come home so soon.”

Su Qianci took away his chopsticks and helped him pick up the dish he had tried to get. When she was about to feed him, Li Sicheng reached out, took her chopsticks, and forced the piece of food into his brother’s mouth. “Dad wants to let him suffer, so he was not about to stay in the hospital. He can’t die anyway.”