The 99th Divorce Chapter 463

Chapter 463 Our Twins

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Li Sicheng stuffed the food into his mouth, his cold eyes blinking unpleasantly. Then he poked the chopsticks in his brother’s mouth. Li Jinnan shrank back and looked innocent.

“It’s too cruel…” Su Qianci couldn’t help saying, but when she finished, she realized that it was not right, and quickly looked around.

“My parents, grandpa, and big brother went out together today and will come back at night.” Li Sicheng fed Li Jinnan forcibly. He asked in a bitter tone, “what else do you want to eat?”

Li Jinnan was stuffed with a mouthful, shaking his head with a sad face.

Su Qianci couldn’t help but smile, eating while watching them.

After watering the garden, Liu Sao walked in from the outside and saw that Li Sicheng was feeding his brother. She was so shocked and scared that the watering can fell from her hand.

After putting things back in place, she asked, “let me do it. Didn’t you say you want to go out?”

Li Sicheng was more than happy to oblige and quickly passed her the utensils. Li Jinnan also let out a sigh of relief, throwing a grateful glanced at Liu Sao. Gosh! It’s a great honor to let his second brother feed him and all, but he was so rough!

Li Sicheng went to his seat to eat, but after little while, he suddenly looked up and said, “sweetheart, I want to eat that.” Pointing out the dish not far from her.

Li Jinnan finally swallowed the food and rolled his eyes.

Su Qianci knew that he minded the fact that she had just fed Li Jinnan, sneered silently, and picked up a piece to feed him. He elegantly ate it, glancing at his brother smugly.

Li Jinnan gave him a disdainful look. “Couples that show off often break up more easily. Do know that?”

He did not mind. He once again bit on the food handed over by his wife and looked utterly satisfied.

After lunch, Liu Sao helped Li Jinnan back to his room, and Li Sicheng took Su Qianci to the nearby shopping mall.

“What are we going to do?”

“Go shopping.” Li Sicheng looked like he was in a great mood. After parking the car, he took her up.

She did not realize what he wanted to do until she was brought to the floor of maternity clothes and baby stuff. “The child is only more than a month. Are we shopping too soon?”

“Not too soon, only eight months away now.” In fact, Li Sicheng simply wanted to pick out a few nice little clothes for the kid. After the end of the year, he would be busy again.

The smile on her face was widening as she walked into a shop holding his hand. Babies’ clothes were especially small. She picked up one and felt that the clothes were incredibly small. “Are newborns so small?”

The salesperson came up politely and began to introduce the product. In the end, she asked, “would you like to buy for a boy or a girl? We have clothes from birth to three years old.”

“Both,” Li Sicheng said, holding a few small clothes in his hands. She found they were all pink. “We have twins, a boy and a girl.”

Su Qianci was shocked and excited. “How do you know?”

“You said so.”

She heard that and became less excited. She pouted and said, “it was a dream.”

“The dream will come true.” He came over and rubbed her hair. He gazed at her with his cold eyes full of affection and his lips curled, showing his great mood.

“The dream of pregnant women is the most accurate. We must be having twins, a boy and a girl.”

Surrounded by Cops

His voice was full of hope. Su Qianci could even picture him holding two babies in her mind. The boy on the left, the girl on the right. The three of them would look so good together.


“What if we only have one?” She almost did not have the heart to remind him.

He thought about it and said, “if there’s only one, then the girl would be nice.”

“What if it’s a boy?”

“Then we will have a second baby, a girl,” he answered without thinking.

She blushed a little with the salesperson smiling at her. “Everyone else prefers boys, while you are the opposite.”

“For four or five generations, there were no girls in the family. Grandpa has been craving for a girl. Do you want to have a boy?”

All right, she could take this explanation for now. Su Qianci put down the clothes and picked up a pair of shoes. There were so, so small.

After going around, Li Sicheng had purchased a lot of things. He said he wanted a boy and a girl, but in fact picked everything a girl would need. In the end, she chose something for a boy. The asked the mall to send everything back to the old house and then she dragged her husband to shop for gifts.

It was Yu Lili’s birthday, but Su Qianci could not find something right for her. When they came to a luxury brand, she smelled a fragrance that was elegant and cheerful. She turned her head and saw that the shop assistant was giving away samples. She walked over, and the shop assistant immediately invited her to try. It was indeed very nice. She bought two bottles, one for herself, and one wrapped up.

As the couple went downstairs, they saw a special-looking sports car surrounded by a few police cars. Many policemen had stepped out, pointing their guns at the car. The car looked quite stylish painted with colorful graffiti. The model was also quite cutting-edge. What was different was that it had a license plate this time. Two young men came out of the car, obviously scared by the police cars around them.

Su Qianci was also frightened, glancing at the car a few times. Li Sicheng held her with his arm and said, “Let’s go. The birthday party is starting.”


However, before they came to their own car, a policewoman came to them. Holding her, Li Sicheng looked coldly at the woman coming at them .

The policewoman looked at Su Qianci and said, “Mrs. Li, such a coincidence that I see you around that car every time.”

Su Qianci was a bit angry, while he gazed at the policewoman sharply. “What do you mean?”

Feeling the unkind gaze from Li Sicheng, the policewoman shut her mouth, feeling embarrassed. “I just felt it was a coincidence. If it’s convenient, I hope Mrs. Li could help us identify whether one of these two people was the one that kidnapped you last time.”

“It’s not convenient.” He opened the door of the copilot seat and asked Su Qianci to sit inside.

The policewoman panicked and stopped. “It is every citizen’s duty to collaborate with the police.”