The 99th Divorce Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Clearly a Rip off

288,888? Oh my god!

Lin Wanting had never seen so much money in her entire life. The dress probably cost more than anything she had owned. What should she do? She liked it so much! Looking at Su Qianci who was silent and smiling, Lin Wanting asked, "Su Qianci, what do you think?"

"Not bad."

"So, should I buy it?"

"If you like it, then buy it. It is not that expensive, just over two hundred thousand." Su Qianci smiled, as if that was a small number. For her, it was indeed not that expensive. In order to please the Li family, the Su family had paid more than ten million for her dowry, including jewelry, clothes, and real estate. She had also received a lot of red packets from the Li family during the wedding. These were all hers.

Even without those, she still had Li Sicheng's credit card. In her previous lifetime, Tang Mengying had tricked her into making bad investments, which caused all her money to disappear. On that thought, Su Qianci's eyes became cold.

Feeling awkward, Lin Wanting stood there and said, "Well I don't have that much money on me."

"We do accept credit cards!" The shop assistant reminded her in a strange tone.

"She's right." Su Qianci pretended not to understand.

Lin Wanting was even more nervous, rubbing the fabric of the dress. The shop assistant quickly flicked her hand away and said, "Do not rub the fabric. It is quite fragile, and you would ruin it."

Lin Wanting's face suddenly started to burn. Although she was savvy, she was not as shameless as Liu Anan. Hearing the shop assistant's words, she immediately blushed.

"Su Qianci, how about you give the dress to me as a gift. It is just about two hundred thousand. Since your husband is Li Sicheng, it is a small number for you, right?"

"Mrs. Li?" Hearing Lin Wanting's words, the shop assistants eyes lit up. "That's why you look so familiar. So, you are Mrs. Li?"

"Yes, I felt that you looked familiar. You are so much prettier in person."

That was what Lin Wanting was going for. Since Li Sicheng was a celebrity, Su Qianci could not say no for fear of damaging his image. Otherwise, she would be criticized of being petty, which would affect more than her own image.

Lin Wanting had everything thought out. She looked at Su Qianci and smiled. "Qianci, please!"

Su Qianci frowned and said, "So you asked me out just to" She did not need to say more. Whoever with a brain could imagine what had happened.

One of the shop assistants sneered, "So she was trying to rip off Mrs. Li."

That was the trigger for Lin Wanting. She became mad and said, "What did you say?"

"It's all right. It's just a dress." Su Qianci waved her hand. Although she said that, she clearly looked disappointed and sad.

There were other rich ladies around them shopping. When hearing Mrs. Li, they came around. Seeing this scene, someone couldn't help but say, "You can't condone that. Although the dress means nothing to you, Mrs. Li, it is several years' salary for some people. This is clearly a scam."