The 99th Divorce Chapter 55

Chapter 55: An Old Classmate

That was clearly true. Judging from the appearance of Lin Wanting, it was easy to tell that she was not on the same level as Su Qianci. All of a sudden, she was asking for a two hundred thousand dollar dress from Su Qianci. So it could be nothing other than a ripoff.

Her expression changing, Lin Wanting felt terrible being exposed in public, although it was what she was thinking exactly. Looking up at Su Qianci, Lin Wanting quickly said, "Qianci, do not trust them. I didn't mean to do that. However, you had always given me things for free before. You used to offer things to me, and I just asked for something from you. Isn't it the same?"

Su Qianci glanced at her, which made Lin Wanting feel a chill down her spine. This look was from Su Qianci? All of a sudden, Lin Wanting was dazed, gazing at this familiar old friend of hers.

"Isn't this my classmate? What a coincidence!" A high-pitched voice suddenly caught Lin Wanting's attention. Everyone looked to the direction of the voice and saw a woman in red walking inside. The flamboyant woman took off her sunglasses and checked Su Qianci out. "It seems that the rumors are true. Su Qianci, do you remember me?"

"Yu Lili?" Lin Wanting said incredulously, "How come you're here?"

"Miss Yu."

"Good morning, Miss Yu."

The shop assistants greeted Yu Lili. She put her sunglasses into her purse and glanced at Lin Wanting contemptuously. "I am a board member of the mall. Is it strange that I'm here?"

Board member? Her? Lin Wanting was dumbstruck, glancing at the red dress Yu Lili was wearing, and her accessories and shoes. Everything was from the latest season of the best brands. How was this possible? Yu Lili was as unpopular as Su Qianci in high school. How come her fate was suddenly changed?

Raising her dedicate eyebrows, Yu Lili asked, "What is going on?"

A shop assistant soon explained everything to Yu Lili and then asked Lin Wanting, "Miss, are you going to buy the dress or not? The dress is very expensive. If you don't want to buy it, please take it off and put it back."

Lin Wanting's face burned even more. She clenched her fists and growled, "How do you know that I cannot afford it? Is this the way to treat a customer?"

"Exactly, that is not the way to treat a customer." Yu Lili showed her disapproval and glanced at the dress Lin Wanting was wearing. "Good eye. The dress is one of the runway styles." Then she looked at the white sneakers Lin Wanting was wearing. "Your shoes do not really match the dress. Do you want to pick out a pair of matching shoes?"

Lin Wanting relaxed her expression a bit and sneered. "Sure."

A shop assistant pulled Yu Lili sleeves and said in a low voice, "She would not be able to afford it. Aren't you afraid that she might rip you off as well?"

Although the voice was low, many people still heard it.

Yu Lili looked indifferent and said, "Didn't she say that she has the money at home? She could always borrow the money from Su Qianci and write an IOU. Isn't that right, Qianci?"