The 99th Divorce Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Her Face Is A Face Plus

In less than ten minutes, Su Qianci had witnessed the result. As Jimmy cut away with the scissors in his hand, Lin's long hair was soon shortened to her ears. In addition, Jimmy was smart enough to start from the behind, so when Lin Wanting found out about it, everything in the back was gone, and her hair was still long in the front.

When the scissors reached the front, Lin Wanting suddenly found out what had happened and exclaimed at the mirror, sobbing and yelling, "You!"

Her voice almost penetrated the wall. Lin Wanting's tears started to drop. "Yu Lili, you bitch. You must have done it on purpose. Why did you do that to me?"

Yu Lili was having the best time. She laughed and said, "Don't you like to take advantage of others? Jimmy is indeed a famous stylist in Kingstown. You have taken a lot of advantage to have him style you."

Everyone knew that the one thing Lin Wanting was most proud of was her hair. Her image as a graceful girl had everything to do with her hair, because her face was huge.

Other people's face might be a face, but her face was a face plus!

With long hair covering part of her face, it was hard to notice that. However, that was no longer the case. Because her hair was so short in the back, it was sticking out in all directions. She looked incredibly ugly with tears covering her face.

Looking at her, Su Qianci felt a bit sorry, but mostly pleased. She had wanted to do this to Lin Wanting for a long time, but none of her tricks were as satisfying as Yu Lili's idea. Indeed, she should have gone further.

What is more satisfying than destroying the one thing your enemy cherishes the most? Nothing!

Hearing her words, Lin Wanting was shaking in madness. She threw herself at Yu Lili and growled, "Yu Lili, I will kill you!"

However, before Lin Wanting approached Yu Lili, she was pulled away by Jimmy. Despite Jimmy's look, he was a man and had enough strength to pull away a crazy woman. The place was full of guards. As Yu Lili made a gesture, two guards pulled Lin Wanting away.

"Su Qianci, aren't we good friends? That bitch Yu Lili set me up. You should avenge me!" exclaimed Lin Wanting, struggling.

Hearing Lin Wanting's cry, Su Qianci's eyes were cold. However, she had already put a smile on her face and waved her hand. "What are you doing keeping her here? Celebrating the Chinese New Year?"

Hearing that, Lin Wanting's heart sank as she struggled harder, roaring, "Yu Lili, Su Qianci! I wish you death. What did I ever do to you for you to treat me like this?"

Yu Lili yawned and sneered languidly. "You should ask yourself what you and Liu Anan did to me. Without your help, I would not live like this."

Lin Wanting dodged eye contact with Yu Lili and yelled, "I do not understand what you're saying. Yu Lili, you will pay for what you did today!"

"Thank you for the blessing. Take her out!"