The 99th Divorce Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Illegitimate Daughter

However, Li Sicheng did not even look at Tang Mengying. He quickly turned his head away and said coldly, "You leave first. This is the wedding room after all."

Although Li Sicheng was still cold, his attitude toward Tang Mengying was much better than toward Su Qianci.

Tang Mengying was thrilled. Is he trying to look out for her and clear her name? Feeling extremely sweet, she simply answered "yes" obediently before she turned away and left slowly.

Li Sicheng's curly, short hair was still dripping. He glanced at Su Qianci, his eyes dark and cold without any emotions revealed. Quickly, he turned around and returned to the room.

Su Qianci stood in front of the door, looking at the glass pieces on the floor, her nails digging into her arms.

Tang Mengying, Li SichengI will get back at you for ruining my life.

After cleaning everything up, Su Qianci left the room after 10 o'clock. After the night of passion, Su Qianci was sore all over. Even when she was walking, she could feel her legs shivering.

"OMG, you got up just now? Indeed you are born to be a princess. My Mengying does not have such good fortune." It was a shrill voice. Su Qianci saw it was a lady in her forties or fifties.

The mother of Li Sicheng was just talking to a lady next to her. Hearing that comment, she looked at Su Qianci with discontent and awkwardness.

The woman who spoke was a longtime neighbor of the Li family, Mrs. Tang, Tang Mengying's mother. She initially thought that the Li's and Tang's would become relatives for sure but had no idea that Su Qianci would come in between. It was simply natural for Mrs. Tang to be upset.

In her previous lifetime, this comment of Mrs. Tang had brought her a lot of trouble.

She had thought of herself as the young mistress of the Li household and did not have the best temper. Hearing such a comment targeting at her, she immediately became mad and answered, "This is my house, what's your business here?"

That was the effect that Mrs. Tang was looking for. She then led all the ladies to point fingers at Su Qianci, making Su Qianci less and less popular. From that point, all the ladies knew that the Li's had a lazy girl married into their family. It was such a scandal that the good name of the Li's had suffered.

That was also the beginning of the comparison between Su Qianci and Tang Mengying, which was Su Qianci's nightmare. However, in this lifetime, Su Qianci would not make the same mistake.

Hearing the comment, Su Qianci looked down and whispered in a shy manner, "I Last night I went to bed a bit too late. I was so tired, so"

Seeing the look on Su Qianci's face, the ladies sitting on the sofa waiting to meet the new girl had a knowing look on their faces. Today was not only the third day that she was married to Li Sicheng, but also the birthday of Li Sicheng's mother.

Each year, Mrs. Li would have a big birthday. Since it was only the morning, the guests were all Mrs. Li's close poker partners and neighbors, who were very interested in her new daughter-in-law.

"So, this is your daughter-in-law. She is so pretty!"

"Exactly. When they said she was from the Su family, I thought"

"Yes, I did not realize that she would be the granddaughter of Mr. Su. She looks so much like her mother!"

Su Qianci's family name was Su, because she used her mother's family name.