The 99th Divorce Chapter 70

Chapter 70: Time to Show Hand

Li Sicheng gazed at her and straightened his shirt. He looked so cold that Su Qianci had overlooked his erection. As he sat up, Su Qianci suddenly saw the bulge under his pants. She suddenly blushed again. Standing up, Su Qianci placed the cell phone on the sofa, stepped back to put some distance between him and her. "I did not do it. And I will never do it."

She was hiding from him. Was she afraid that he was going to touch her? Li Sicheng clearly noticed what Su Qianci was trying to do, which slightly upset him. He immediately approached her and caught her arm. Su Qianci looked away, dodging eye contact. Li Sicheng stared at Su Qianci, as if he was asking: Since you did not do it, why are you afraid of me?

However, before Su Qianci spoke, Li Sicheng released her hand and said, "So dirty." He quickly walked upstairs. Su Qianci felt as if someone had driven a dagger through her heart. Dirty? He said she was dirty? But she did nothing.

Going back to her room half-mindedly, Su Qianci saw the upset woman in the mirror and immediately clenched her fists. He was always judging her and humiliating her in the most condescending way possible. After a shower, she changed and retrieved the contract that had been stamped by the law firm of Sheng Ximing.

It seems that this is time to show hand.

Li Sicheng had never lost control like he did today. Even he could not explain why he had never slept with a woman before. Even if Tang Mengying undressed in front of his eyes, he would have felt nothing. Why would he suddenly have such a strong reaction toward this one woman? A voice inside him was shouting all the time: take her!

However, thinking of the disgusting photo he had received, he could not allow himself to do that. So dirty! Thinking that this woman could have been with another man, Li Sicheng was extremely disgusted. Taking a shower, Li Sicheng felt much more in control and went out of the bathroom.

The moment he opened the door, he saw a slim figure sitting on his bed. The silhouette of her profile was smooth. As the warm light lit her face up, she looked stunning. Noticing the noise, Su Qianci looked at him. Her eyes were slightly puffy because of her recent tears. However, her glancing at him had reignited the desire he had tried hard to suppress. Li Sicheng forced a poker face and clenched his fists. As blue veins stood out on his temples, he looked quite scary.

Su Qianci's heart throbbed and she thought about giving up. The same feeling again.

He is definitely holding something back! Is he really trying not to hit her?

Li Sicheng only had a towel on his waist. His well-toned body dripping, he slowly walked towards her. Although she knew that he was too well-educated to hit a woman, she could not help stepping back and saying, "Mr. Li, I think we need to talk."