The Alchemist Of Harry Potter Chapter 575

Chapter 575: Tom Knows

As soon as Colin Creevey left the Gryffindor common room with his front foot, Albert came out of his dormitory with his back foot.

Tonight, he added some ingredients to the milk tea of his roommates, so that they would go back to rest after having supper and drinking milk tea.

Fred, George, and Lee Jordan all slept very deeply and would not wake up in the middle of the night, let alone realize that their roommate suddenly disappeared in the middle of the night.

When Albert left the common room, he did not forget to raise his magic wand and look at the portrait of the fat lady. The lady in charge of the gatekeeper went out to drop by.

"So, that's what he meant." Albert murmured, turned and walked forward quickly, disappearing into the deep darkness at the end of the corridor.

A few minutes later, Albert pushed open the door of the responsive house, sat in the brightly lit room, spread the spot map on the table, and stared at Colin's position.

Colin Crevey walked very slowly, probably because of the first night tour. He walked tremblingly every step of the way. Now he has just reached the seventh floor of the castle.

Albert believed that Tom Riddle was hiding in the secret room at this time, monitoring the entire castle with a mantra to determine the location of the mudblood, and to avoid hitting the professor who was patrolling the castle when he released the basilisk to roam. .

From a certain point of view, Tom's approach was perfect, almost perfectly hiding the monster basilisk while completing the attack.

However, Tom couldn't imagine that such a perfect attack was completely seen through by Albert from the beginning.

Sometimes the traversers can do whatever they want.

When Albert got out of the dormitory, he had already used a strong shielding spell on himself.

That was the result of his continuous efforts in the past half month. With the blessing of panel skills and his continuous efforts, Albert finally succeeded before Tom Riddle controlled Ginny Weasley to complete the second attack. Use the shielding curse to shield his existence, so that his name and footprints will not appear on the map where the mantra curse is cast.

Yes, Tom Riddle didn't know anything about it. He regarded Albert as a prey, but he didn't know that the other party had already regarded him as a prey.

At this moment, this Slytherin heir was staying in the underground pipe with Ginny Weasley, who was under his control, monitoring the mudblood's movements through the map displayed in the diary.

Not long ago, Tom learned from Ginny that a Mudblood named Colin was going to visit Harry in the middle of the night, and when she invited her to go with him, Tom had already decided to start with the pesky Mudblood.

This was a rare good opportunity. Tom knew that the cat that attacked the dumb gun last time did not let the school students realize that the secret room had been reopened and the Slytherin heir had returned.

At that time, Tom realized that he had to let the Basilisk kill one or two Mudbloods, so that the Mudbloods in the school would once again feel the fear of being dominated by the Slytherin heir.

Ginny Weasley made a hissing noise in her mouth, soothing the anxious basilisk behind her.

Since being awakened by Tom from hibernation, the basilisk has been very irritable.

It is hungry.

The rats in the underground pipes couldn't fill their stomachs at all. Tom couldn't control Ginny to get food for the basilisk, nor was it necessary. For him, the basilisk was just a tool for his purpose.

Tom Riddle's snake-like voice can make the grumpy basilisk obediently obey his commands.

The map in the diary, marked with the mudblood's footprint, has already come towards the school hospital on the second floor of the castle.

As for the dumb gunner Filch?

Before entering the secret room, Tom had already visited the other party. Filch was lying on the bed and was asleep, and couldn't wake up within six or seven hours.

When Colin Creevey approached the school hospital, Tom controlled the basilisk to leave the Slytherin's secret room and began the hunt tonight.

He was looking forward to it, and looking forward to how the mudbloods at Hogwarts would react after the attack tonight.

At this moment, Colin Creevey didn't even notice that he had been spotted. The reason for his rapid heartbeat is more that the surrounding darkness and cold air make him feel uncomfortable, and the lantern in his hand fails to bring him a sense of security.

Moreover, Colin was still a bit worried, worried that he was wandering around the castle in the middle of the night, being caught by the professors and deducting a lot of points, making all Harry's efforts on the court in vain.

When Colin was about to walk through the stairs at the end of the hallway of the deformed classroom and head towards the school hospital, he suddenly heard a rustling noise behind him.

What's that sound?

Perhaps it was the courage of the students of Gryffindor College that prevented Colin from turning around and fleeing immediately.

In Colin's impression, there is no danger in Hogwarts Castle. If there is danger, can it be called a school?

Not sleeping at night, wandering in the castle, at most, being caught by professors, deducted points and locked up.

However, the rustling voice was obviously not the footsteps of the professors.

Colin did not leave, but waited for the voice to approach. He had heard some senior students say that Hogwarts had a lot of interesting things, such as getting up at night for a night tour, there was a chance that he would encounter knight armor patrolling the corridors. .

Perhaps, today is his lucky day.

I really encountered something incredible at Hogwarts.

Colin suddenly got a little excited, put the lantern he was holding on the ground, took the camera off his neck, and prepared to take this scene.

The rustling voice was getting closer.

At the moment when the owner of the sound crossed the corner, Colin quickly pressed the camera The flash of the camera lit up in the dark corridor, and what came into view was a huge snake.


Colin's eyes widened, his stunned expression completely solidified on his face, and his voice stopped abruptly.

Colin Crevy was petrified by the basilisk.

To some extent, Colin Crevy is lucky.

Because the eyes of the basilisk were seen through the camera, he was not directly killed by the eyes of the basilisk, but merely petrified.

His body fell backwards and hit the steps behind him.

Not far from here, in Professor McGonagall's office, Professor McGonagall, who had just corrected the students' homework and lay down and rested, immediately got up from the bed after hearing the call.

At this moment, Professor McGonagall's face was very ugly, apparently a student wandering around in the castle without sleeping in the middle of the night.

She quickly put on her cloak, picked up her magic wand, and hurried out of the office, she heard a weird rustle from the end of the corridor, as if something was dragging on the ground.

"What's that sound?"

Professor McGonagall immediately became vigilant and walked forward. She soon found Colin Crevey who was stiff on the ground, and she couldn't help feeling a horror. Professor McGonagall immediately raised his wand and looked at the end of the corridor warily.

The voice just now is most likely a monster in the secret room.

After hesitating for a moment, she quickly followed the direction of the sound, and when she passed the first corner, a familiar voice suddenly sounded.

"What's the matter Minerva, I heard the cry just now."

Dumbledore in pajamas appeared in front of Professor McGonagall without warning.


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