The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 101

Chapter 101: This is Awkward

Ye Yuwei was still unaware of what had happened. She had just stepped out of RT Group because Geng Yisheng was going to declare bankruptcy tomorrow and she had not given up yet.

As soon as she stepped out, she was immediately surrounded and bombarded by countless camera flashes.

It was already late in the evening.

Ye Yuwei wanted to retreat but she was surrounded by reporters all around her.

"Mrs. Gu, do you have anything to say regarding the photos posted online?"

"It was reported that Mrs. Gu, you paid for your own tuition fees in college by providing sexual favors to others."

"Were you neglected and ignored all these years because Mr. Gu found out about this?"

"Did the news of you bringing a high-class prostitute surface during those times?"

The microphone hit her in the face and she could feel slight pain on her cheeks. Questions kept coming, one after another, and yet she was clueless about the situation.


Photographs? Sexual favors? High-class prostitute?

The insulting questions came one after another, accompanied by the pain of the microphone being hurled against her face.

Ye Yuwei wanted to retreat, but she was pushed forward by the reporters at the back and the reporters at the front kept pushing toward her, leaving her no room to escape.

Ye Yuwei observed the people around her. She stared at their moving mouth but was unable to comprehend what they were saying.

She did not know them.

She did not know whey they were hurling such abusive and derogatory questions at her.

The microphone hit her face again. She could feel her cheeks burning from the pain.

Ye Yuwei wanted to speak up, but no sound was coming out of her mouth. She could only stand there as the reporters attacked her repeatedly with the insulting questions, with the microphone, and the constant pushing around.

Ye Yuwei held her hands tightly together. Her thoughts were scattered as she was being pushed around.

Yu Sha'er sat in a car not far away, looking at Ye Yuwei who was surrounded by the reporters. Her mouth twisted into a wicked smile. "She wants to challenge me? I will let her taste what it feels like to be surrounded and questioned by these aggressive paparazzi."

Sister Qing pressed her lips together, not saying a word.

"Enough!" Ye Yuwei suddenly shouted.

Ye Yuwei's voice sounded, but the reporters seemed to have found yet another reason to attack Ye Yuwei. They started criticizing her rude behavior.

Ye Yuwei wanted to leave, but no one was making way.

"Mrs. Gu is so demanding and rude. The previous rumor that she assaulted someone must be true."

"Mrs. Gu has done so many despicable things. Does Mr. Gu really not want a divorce? Could the rumor that Mrs. Gu had brainwashed Mr. Gu's mother be true?"

"Does his mother know about you providing sex services in the past?"

"I said, go away," Ye Yuwei replied angrily. "I am not obliged to answer any of your questions." Ye Yuwei tried to make her way out again.

"Mrs. Gu, please—"

"So, this is the kind of abusive and heartless actions that the entertainment reporters portray?" The sharp voice was heard suddenly. It was not loud, but it did quiet down the bustling crowd.

Ye Yuwei trembled a little and looked up. As the reporters turned around to look behind them, Ye Yuwei could also see who was walking towards them.

Lu Qichuan walked through the crowd and pulled Ye Yuwei directly behind him. He stared at the reporters with a disgusted look in his eyes, but when he spoke, his voice was calm and cool. "So many people using the microphone to force a lady, does that give you a sense of accomplishment?"

"Lu Qichuan, it's Lu Qichuan!" Someone among the crowd of reporters suddenly exclaimed.