The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 104

Chapter 104: Really Want to Resign

Mr. Qian brought Ye Yuwei back to his own house. Mrs. Qian was waiting eagerly for them at her doorstep.

When she saw the car stopping, Mrs. Qian hurried forward as she watched Ye Yuwei getting out of the car.

After stepping out of the car, Ye Yuwei nodded slightly, acknowledging Mrs. Qian. "Thank you so much, Mr. and Mrs. Qian."

"Mr. Qian and I were both abroad when this happened. We rushed back here as soon as Yikun informed us about what had happened. Miss Ye, why didn't you contact us when such a big thing had happened to you? We could have offered you some help," Mrs. Qian said. "Do not take the words of the media to heart. They would say or do anything to get some ratings."

Ye Yuwei was extremely grateful as Mrs. Qian brought her into the house.

Mr. Qian's son, Qian Yikun who was the current CEO of Qian Feng Bank was also home.

Ye Yuwei had never seen Qian Yikun before. This was her first time. He had thick brows, big round eyes, fair skin, thin lips, and a very high nose bridge. He was not the most handsome man, but he looked like an amicable person.

Qian Yikun came downstairs and when he saw Ye Yuwei, he nodded slightly and said, "Miss Ye, I am so sorry. My status puts me in a very awkward position and therefore, the only thing I could do was to ask my parents to come back."

Qian Yikun's voice was very low, with a natural hoarseness that made his words seem heavy.

"I am already very grateful towards Mr. Qian for getting me out of the situation earlier," Ye Yuwei said softly.

The only person who could rely on in this world had pushed her to a dead end, but there were so many people who did not owe her anything, but were willing to go the extra mile for her.

This comparison was really too ironic to her.

She had once thought that she would no longer be alone in this world. She thought that she had found someone that she could rely on.

She was wrong.

"Miss Ye, if you leave now, the reporter will catch up to you again. At this time, anything you say would be pointless," Qian Yikun said when he saw that Ye Yuwei was contemplating to leave.

Ye Yuwei had a grave expression on her face. "Anyone who is associated with me now will also be slandered by them. Mr. Qian, Mrs. Qian, I really appreciate your kindness," Ye Yuwei replied, and turned her back to leave.

"Miss Ye was gracious to us in the past. It is time for us to repay your kindness," Mrs. Qian said. "After all, the Qian family does have some reputation and power. You don't have to worry, Miss Ye."

"That's right, Miss Ye. After all, we seem to be fated. I believe that Miss Ye knows my previous fiancée too. Her name is Bai Yuyan," Qian Yikun said as the maid served them tea.

Bai Yuyan?

Ye Yuwei knew that person. In the past, she was called Ye Yuyan in the orphanage. After the fire, she had found her family. Therefore, she had returned home and they had not kept in touch ever since.

Moreover, she did not have a good relationship with Ye Yuyan. In fact, nobody in the orphanage liked Ye Yuyan. This was because she was always stealing other people's belongings and she liked to take advantage of others. In a place such as the orphanage, all the children are naturally more sensitive, and therefore, Ye Yuyan was isolated.

Two years ago, when the Qian family almost went bankrupt, she had pulled out of the marriage. This was also in line with her character.

Naturally, Ye Yuwei did not mention this.

"CEO, Mr. Gu has arrived." The servant at the door informed.

Ye Yuwei's trembling hand shook the cup that she had just picked up. The hot water hit the back of her hand, scalding it a little.

"Are you alright, Miss Ye?" Qian Yikun took a paper towel and hurriedly handed it over to Ye Yuwei.

Gu Juexi entered through the door and witnessed this exact scene. Ye Yuwei was putting down the cup anxiously while Qian Yikun was sitting close to her.

PA Wen was speechless at the timing of everything that had happened. He really wanted to resign now!