The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 106

Chapter 106: Dont Embarrass Yourself

"Ye Yuwei—" Gu Juexi did not let her get away, but he used both his hands to directly push her against the table. He pressed her hands against the table and leaned directly on her.

Ye Yuwei kept struggling, but she could not set herself free.

"So what if it is? What has it got to do with you? He was the first person who discovered me in the past. All along, the one who has helped and protected me was him. Even if I will do everything for him, what has it got to do with you?" Ye Yuwei shouted, annoyed at his sudden accusation.

Looking at her lips, hearing those harsh words coming out from her mouth, Gu Juexi suddenly bowed his head and gently bit on her lips.

"Hey—stop it. Let me go." Ye Yuwei tried to avoid his lips, but she could not do so.

This was someone else's house. How could he treat her like this?

Ye Yuwei was shocked by the abrupt thought in her head. This man had never regarded her as his wife before, so why would he be bothered about her reputation?


The ringing sound of the slap echoed throughout the study room.

Gu Juexi finally stopped his indecent behavior.

Gu Juexi's eyes were red and Ye Yuwei was still breathing heavily. She waved her hand around in the air and angrily demanded, "Let me go."

Gu Juexi came to his senses and looked at Ye Yuwei who was in an extremely awkward position beneath his body. He was embarrassed and annoyed at his own behavior, but he could not bring himself to apologize to Ye Yuwei.

"Come home with me."

He did not intend it this way, but somehow the words came out in a demanding manner.

Go home?

Ye Yuwei suddenly burst into laughter at those words. She looked at Gu Juexi and laughed disdainfully.

"Home? Whose home? My house was lost in a fire, thirteen years ago." Ye Yuwei said. "I am not worthy enough to step into Mr. Gu's house."

"Ye Yuwei, stop speaking like that. Don't impose yourself on other people in their homes. Come home with me." Gu Juexi said angrily, triggered by her sarcastic attitude.

Ye Yuwei's body shook slightly as she was annoyed by his words.

'Embarrass myself?

'Who is the one who is embarrassing?

'Is condoning the actions of his mistress to mistreat his rightful wife not an embarrassment?'

Ye Yuwei's lips quivered, but she was unable to speak.

"I am embarrassing," Ye Yuwei said, taking a deep breath to calm herself down. "Does Mr. Gu know what embarrassing means?"

Gu Juexi's hand tightened around Ye Yuwei. He took a deep breath and refrained from retaliating against whatever she had just said. He grabbed her wrist again and said, "If you want to argue, we can argue when we reach home."

Ye Yuwei struggled but could not release herself from his grip. Therefore, she could only follow as she was dragged out by Gu Juexi.

Gu Juexi brought Ye Yuwei downstairs. PA Wen got up hurriedly.

"I am very grateful to Mr. Qian for providing help to my wife today. I will make sure to thank you personally in the future." Gu Juexi said as he prepared to take Ye Yuwei with him.

"Mr. Gu," Mr. Qian suddenly said, "I have no right to comment about Mr. Gu's domestic matters. However, I would still like to give you a piece of advice. Outsiders will always be outsiders. Do not hurt your loved ones because of any outsiders."

Gu Juexi's footsteps slowed down slightly, but he did not respond. Instead, he just continued walking forward and brought Ye Yuwei out.

PA Wen hurriedly put down his cup and followed after the CEO. The CEO was already in a bad temper. He did not want to get into trouble at this moment.