The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 107

Chapter 107: The Feeling of Being Neglected

The drive back was silent.

PA Wen felt like trembling, but he had to drive seriously.

Ye Yuwei leaned against the window and looked outside. PA Wen felt that the atmosphere was really uncomfortable and tense, so he turned on the radio.

"During her college days, Mrs. Gu from Gu Enterprise was…"

PA Wen quickly slammed the radio off with his trembling hand. This did not break the ice, it only made his life more difficult.

Ye Yuwei fluttered her eyelids but did not react.

Gu Juexi looked at her and furrowed his brows.

PA Wen drove silently all the way to Gu Mansion. Ye Yuwei did not wait for Gu Juexi, but opened the door and got down herself.

Gu Juexi could only keep his lips tightly together, as he opened the car door and got down.

"You don't have to get rid of those reporters yet. We can still use them," Gu Juexi said as soon as he got down from the car.

PA Wen was confused. Did the CEO say this because he was infuriated by the young mistress's actions? What good could they use the reporters for?

"Understood," PA Wen quickly replied.

Gu Juexi entered the house after hearing PA Wen's response. He walked into the living room and the first thing he heard was Auntie Mao's voice.

"My poor child. You have suffered injustice again today. The wicked will pay for their evil deeds eventually. That little shrewd will have her retribution soon," Auntie Mao said with an angry voice, as she dragged Ye Yuwei to the dining table. "I guess you have not had your dinner yet, right? I have made all your favorite food. The food is still warm, come and eat."

Ye Yuwei held back her tears.

It had been a hectic day indeed. She successfully caught Jiang Tong in the morning, but Yu Sha'er managed to frame and set her up in the afternoon. She did not have the time to stop for anything, but she did not feel hungry at all.

"Auntie Mao, it is already very late. Please go and rest. Don't worry about me," Ye Yuwei said.

"It has only been a few days but you had lost so much weight. Hurry up and eat. I can only rest well after you have eaten," Auntie Mao said, handing the chopsticks in her hand to Ye Yuwei.

Gu Juexi came and sit down directly opposite Ye Yuwei.

Ye Yuwei did not look up but slowly ate her food.

The maid brought a new set of bowl and chopsticks for him, but Gu Juexi continued silently watching Ye Yuwei.

Gu Juexi was flustered by her silence.

He would rather have Ye Yuwei arguing with him, he would rather she make a scene, he would rather have all those than having her being so silent.

["Juexi, mum sent me these clothes. Look, do you think they are pretty?"

"I am very busy."]

["Juexi, you are home. Let me tell you, the contract that I signed before—"

"Ye Yuwei, please keep quiet when I am home. I need the silence," Gu Juexi said as he threw his clothes to the maid and went upstairs immediately.

Ye Yuwei stood alone in the living room, holding onto the first loan contract that she had ever signed. She just wanted to share her joy with him.]

Right now, she was really quiet.

However, it felt like something was wrong.

No, everything was wrong.

"Ye Yuwei…" Gu Juexi said suddenly.

Ye Yuwei pushed the plate in front of her aside, got up, and looked at Auntie Mao. "Auntie Mao, I have finished eating. I will go up to rest now."

"Go now, go. Look, your dark circles are all out already," Auntie Mao said as she sent Ye Yuwei upstairs to rest. After Ye Yuwei had gone upstairs, Auntie Mao displayed a look of pity and said, "Now you know what it feels like to be neglected." She then turned around and went back to her room.