The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 108

Chapter 108: The Room That Was So Familiar That It Felt Strange

After Ye Yuwei went into her bedroom, she shut the door and leaned back against it. She then stared up blankly at the ceiling.

She knew that Gu Juexi wanted to talk to her, but all she wanted now was to stay away from him.

She never knew that it would bring such joy to intentionally neglect someone.

In the past, there were so many times when she had wanted his attention, where she had wanted to talk to him but all she got in return was him turning his back on her in frustration.

Ye Yuwei slowly sat down on the floor and looked around the room that was so familiar to her that it felt so strange.

It felt like she could see the busy figure who only came back once a year.

["Juexi, you are home. I was just about to ask you. Mom called today asking if we were going over to celebrate her birthday?"

"I will go by myself," Gu Juexi said indifferently and walked toward the changing room.

Ye Yuwei did not move at all. The excitement on her face slowly dissipated. She slowly put down her hands by her side and whispered, "Alright, you can just go on your own."

She thought, she had not gone abroad before and she might not get used to it if she traveled abroad. Gu Juexi must have thought about her. Thinking like that, Ye Yuwei felt happy again. She walked toward the changing room and said, "Then I will prepare some gift for Mom. Please help me to bring it to her."

Gu Juexi changed into a set of casual clothing. He did not even take a single look at Ye Yuwei. "I still have something to deal with. PA Wen will prepare the gifts on my behalf. You don't have to do anything."]

Ye Yuwei leaned against the door and looked at the illusionary shadow by the door of the changing room. She looked at the shadow that could not smile again. She should have been crying, but instead she started laughing. She laughed so hard that her tears started falling.

This bed, this bed that they had only shared five times together. Every time he fell asleep, she wanted to ask him, "If you have me in your heart, do you know what the people outside are saying about me?"

She never did because she did not want to tear her dreams apart.

In the end, this dream was still broken.

It was shattered into so many pieces, that it could never be returned to its original form.

The door was pushed a little. Ye Yuwei sat on the floor without moving.

"Ye Yuwei, open the door," the man at the door said indifferently.

Ye Yuwei continued leaning against the door, staring blankly at the ceiling. "Gu Juexi, do you know? I have been living in this room alone for three years. You have only been to this room four times before, and each time you said the same thing. You always say 'I am very busy, do not bother me.'"

Gu Juexi stopped knocking the door.

"The first time you came was the day when we got married. You left the next day. The second time was one year later. I told you that Mom invited us to go abroad to celebrate her birthday with her, but you rejected me," Ye Yuwei said. It felt like she could still see the silly woman who was foolishly standing by the changing room.

"The third time you came was the second spring after we had gotten married. You came back because Mom was here. I was so happy and excited, and yet you said, can you be quiet?" Ye Yuwei said. She could still see the woman standing by the window. The foolish woman who had been so excited to talk about her work with him, but was once again pushed away by him.

Gu Juexi clenched his fists tightly.

"The fourth time…" Ye Yuwei said softly. "The fourth time you came here, I did not welcome you happily because I already knew you didn't need me. You did not realize it. Maybe you thought 'this woman finally knows how to stay quiet'. However, when you were leaving the next day, you told me not to use these disgusting tactics. You said that you were so busy, you did not have time for this nonsense."

Ye Yuwei tilted her head to the side. Her voice was low. It was as if she was telling a story. A story that had nothing to do with her.