The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 112

Chapter 112: Dont Let Him Rise Again

Cheng Jie laughed heartily as he looked at PA Wen. PA Wen could only smile back elegantly.

There are too many prominent figures in the room that he could not afford to offend.

"Mr. Cheng can look through the contract. If there are no issues, we can arrange for the signing ceremony tomorrow," PA Wen said with a smile as he handed the document over to Cheng Jie.

Cheng Jie looked at Gu Juexi who looked out of sorts at this moment, and leaned back lightly against his chair. Cheng Jie had an unreadable expression as he gently smiled.

PA Mike felt uncertain about the contract.

Gu Juexi's attitude was too strange. He felt that he needed to report this to his big boss.

"Sorry Mr. Cheng, I need to use the washroom." PA Mike said as he got up.

Cheng Jie laughed lightly but did not say a word. This indicated his consent.

Gu Juexi looked at PA Wen and said, "Go and get the preparations done for the signing ceremony."

PA Wen's eyes widened with bewilderment. Cheng Jie had yet to agree to sign the contract.

'CEO, are you that confident?'

He did not dare to contradict Gu Juexi's words and so he replied, "Alright."

Eventually, there was only the two of them left in the conference room.

Cheng Jie still had the same nonchalant expression on his face. "Are you looking to be the Li Hongzhang [1] of the twenty-first century?"

Gu Juexi furrowed his brows. He stared at the headlines of the news that had popped up on his cell phone. He never knew that words could make his heart ache.

Cheng Jie tapped his fingers lightly on the table. He was not in a hurry to obtain a response from Gu Juexi.

After a while, Gu Juexi looked up and said, "I do not understand what Mr. Cheng is saying."

Cheng Jie laughed but did not say anything. PA Mike finally returned from his trip to the washroom, which had taken quite some time.

PA Wen returned quickly after PA Mike returned. It seemed that there were no issues with the contract and Gu Juexi signed the contract immediately. After signing, he dropped the pen, got up, and left the conference room.

"CEO…" PA We tried calling after Gu Juexi. PA Wen turned back, smiled and apologized. "My apologies, Mr. Cheng. Our CEO has been in a bad mood lately."

"I could tell. Watch your CEO. Don't let him do anything stupid." Cheng Jie smiled as he stared at the back of Gu Juexi, who had already walked away.

PA Wen was speechless.

'You are so toxic.'

At Gu Mansion:

It was already noon when Ye Yuwei woke up. She had a headache and so she reached out to squeeze her forehead. She did not expect that she would have slept for so long.

Auntie Mao had already finished preparing lunch for Ye Yuwei after she had washed up.

"It is good to sleep more. You have been too exhausted lately," Auntie Mao smiled and said. Ye Yuwei sat down at the dining table and took out her phone. Auntie Mao quickly said, "Don't use your cell phone when you are eating. Do you know how much radiation this thing has?"

Ye Yuwei blinked as she stared at the cell phone that was suddenly confiscated from her.

"Auntie Mao?"

"Finish your meal first. You can use your phone after finishing your meal. You are already grown up, stop making me worry about you," Auntie Mao said while walking away with her cell phone.

Ye Yuwei quietly ate her meal.

Auntie Mao only returned her cell phone after she had finished her lunch. Her phone was already blown up with messages from Xiao Yaojing.

[Xiao Yaojing: Yuwei, Yuwei, come out quick!

Xiao Yaojing: I heard that Gu Juexi is going to sign the contract with Bo Shen Enterprise. Guess who is the spokesperson?

Xiao Yaojing: The signing ceremony is tomorrow!

Xiao Yaojing: I heard that the discussion for this contract had been going on for five years already. There will definitely be plenty of reporters at the launch of the signing ceremony.

Xiao Yaojing: Where are you? This is such a good opportunity. Make sure you don't miss out on it!]

'The signing ceremony between Gu Enterprise and Bo Shen Enterprise?'


1. A Chinese politician of the late Qing dynasty.