The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 114

Chapter 114: Who Can be Spared from Heavens Reincarnation? (I)

The news of Gu Enterprise's signing with Bo Shen Enterprise, the internationally renowned diamond corporation has already spread like wildfire throughout the city.

Yu Sha'er appeared like a proud peacock in front of Gu Enterprise, early in the morning.

Sister Qing came over to help her open the car door. Yu Sha'er got off the car arrogantly and said, "I told you. No matter what I do to that woman, Brother Juexi would never interfere. Look, I am still the spokesperson for the corporation. Do you believe me now?" Yu Sha'er said arrogantly, strutting around in her four-inches high heels.

A line appeared between her brows as Sister Qing was deep in thought. She had some understanding regarding Gu Juexi. In the past, he probably did not take any action because he was inexplicably married to Ye Yuwei. He was unhappy. Now that things have gone out of proportion, it was a huge slap in Gu Juexi's face. Gu Juexi was not a fool. He would have known all of this.

But why was Gu Juexi still doing this?

Why was he still so anxious to have the press conference for the signing ceremony?

Sister Qing thought about it and hurriedly caught up with Yu Sha'er. "Sha'er, I think you should be careful today."

"Sister Qing, what is wrong with you lately? You are always hesitating in everything that you do nowadays. If you do not want to do it, just tell me." Yu Sha'er said in frustration. As soon as she saw Gu Juexi enter the door, her face lit up and she smiled while running up to him. She quickly grabbed her arms and greeted him excitedly, "Brother Juexi."

Gu Juexi lowered his head and looked at her hand which was holding on tightly to his arms. He then looked up and glared at her.

Yu Sha'er was a little shaken and quickly released her grip. However, she kept smiling and said, "Brother Juexi, what time is the signing ceremony starting?"

Gu Juexi strode to the front, and as Yu Sha'er tried to chase after him, PA Wen hurriedly stopped her. "Miss Yu, you can go to the waiting lounge first."

"Wen Tao, who do you think you are? What right do you have to stop me?" Yu Sha'er asked angrily when he blocked her way.

The corner of PA Wen's mouth quirked up. "Miss Yu, I am just an assistant to the CEO. However, Miss Yu, sometimes you should use your brains before taking certain actions. Something so big had happened to our young mistress, did you think it did not affect our CEO? Go and think about it."

When there is a scandal surrounding the wife, the husband is the one who gets slapped in the face.

PA Wen left as soon as he had finished speaking.

Yu Sha'er wanted to chase after him, but was stopped by Sister Qing, who had turned pale at this point.

"What does he mean?" Yu Sha'er said while stomping her feet. "Why did Brother Juexi ignore me?"

Sister Qing sighed. She felt that it was no longer possible to protect Yu Sha'er under these circumstances, as she was constantly asking for trouble.

This was a trap that the CEO had personally set up for her.

At this time, Ye Yuwei and Xiao Yaojing had also arrived at the door of Gu Enterprise.

Ye Yuwei lifted up her head to look at the Gu Enterprise signboard.

This was her last chance. It was her last chance to leave Gu Juexi.

"It's Ye Yuwei. That is Ye Yuwei…" The rumors with regards to whether Ye Yuwei had received an invitation to attend the event started going around.

"Hey!" Xiao Yaojing quickly pulled Ye Yuwei behind of her. She was about to say something when the reporter's question was suddenly heard on the television outside.

"Mr. Gu, why did you not respond to any of the rumors regarding Ye Yuwei the day before, but instead chose to sign a contract with Bo Shen Enterprise today?"

Ye Yuwei looked up and gazed at the man who was sitting on the stage in the screen of the television outside.

He was sitting there, with his hands folded neatly together, and he had a smile on his face.

A menacing smile.