The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 115

Chapter 115: Who Can be Spared from Heaven's Reincarnation? (II)

Gu Juexi smirked as he looked at the reporters who was sitting among the audience below the stage. "The facts will speak for itself. I have already taken legal action against the person who instigated the rumors. As for the media and reporters who had damaged my wife's reputation the day before, you will receive a subpoena [1] from the court before you finish work today."

Gu Juexi's voice was light, but sufficient for everyone to hear him clearly.

All of the reporters who had targeted Ye Yuwei paused and took a step back. It felt like they had just gotten electrocuted.

"At least he still has some conscience." Xiao Yaojing said with a smile. She then pulled Ye Yuwei inside.

Some of the reporters did not comprehend what Gu Juexi was saying, but they were all afraid anyway. There was no shortage of reporters who had hurt and defamed Ye Yuwei here.

Most of the reporters in the audience were from the financial industry. They were not those reporters who were looking to report harmful scandals about individuals like the paparazzi in the entertainment segment.

"Regarding the collaboration with Bo Shen Enterprise, is Mr. Gu also planning to step into the jewelry industry?"

PA Wen was sitting next to Gu Juexi when he heard the question. He quickly replied, "Yes, Gu Enterprise does have this intention. After all, the collaboration this time is with regards to the diamond industry. Therefore, Gu Enterprise will step into the jewelry industry."

Yu Sha'er who was sitting two seats away from Gu Juexi, started feeling uneasy after hearing his words. However, as she was sitting on stage, she had to keep smiling. She kept looking in Sister Qing's direction.

Sister Qing was making a phone call. She looked very anxious.

"Mr. Cheng had arrived. Mr. Cheng is here," someone suddenly said.

PA Wen quickly got up to receive Cheng Jie. Only PA Mike was following behind Cheng Jie.

Cheng Jie had on an elegant smile as always. After he shook hands with Gu Juexi and PA Wen, he took a seat right next to Gu Juexi.

PA Wen and PA Mike exchanged the contract that they both had in their hands. After they had both looked through the contract, they then handed it over to their boss to sign.

PA Wen was surprised that Cheng Jie would agree to sign the contract.

After all, this was such a hasty decision and with Cheng Jie's personality, he should have been doubtful.

Strange. It was really strange.

After they had completed the signing, Gu Juexi and Cheng Jie shook hands. This represented a final agreement that had been successfully reached, after it had been under discussion for about five years.

"Congratulations to Brother Juexi and Mr. Cheng." Yu Sha'er gave a half-smile.

Cheng Jie looked at Yu Sha'er. "Miss Yu, you are being too polite. We will still have to rely on your cooperation on the follow-up in future."

"Of course, Mr. Cheng. Anything concerning Brother Juexi concerns me too. I will definitely do my best," Yu Sha'er said.

The reporters in the audience began asking about the collaboration, and Yu Sha'er as the spokesperson was naturally responsible for answering some of the questions.

Gu Juexi looked at PA Wen and PA Wen nodded his head slightly in acknowledgment. PA Wen then turned and quietly left the stage.

"So, is it confirmed that Miss Yu will be the future spokesperson for Gu Enterprise when you enter the jewelry industry?" One of the reporters asked.

Yu Sha'er maintained a sweet smile, but Gu Juexi kept silent.

Cheng Jie leaned back on his chair and started laughing, but said nothing.

Gu Juexi also leaned back on his chair and stared at the direction of the hall's entrance. Everyone was curious, and could not help but look that way too.

And, who else but Ye Yuwei was standing by the door.

'Ye Yuwei?'

Yu Sha'er's body shook a little. Standing in front of the screen, she started searching for Sister Qing subconsciously.


1. a writ ordering a person to attend a court