The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 118

Chapter 118: Who Can be Spared from Heavens Reincarnation? (V)

Geng Yisheng stepped forward and looked at Yu Sha'er from amongst the crowd. "I can prove that my company was already on the verge of bankruptcy when Miss Yu came to me. She told me that I could get a loan from Gu Bank. At that time, I made it clear at that time that no bank would be willing to offer me a loan in this situation. However, Miss Yu insisted that as long as Mr. Gu talked to Miss Ye about the loan, then Miss Ye would definitely approve my loan."

Ye Yuwei turned around to look at Geng Yisheng. She did not know why he had decided to come, but she was grateful to him.

Geng Yisheng did not look at Ye Yuwei, but continue looking at Yu Sha'er. "I think Miss Yu offered me that option at that moment, in the hopes that Miss Ye would take the blame when I go bankrupt. I guess Miss Yu did not expect that I would tide through that difficult period."

Yu Sha'er's body was shaking uncontrollably. "What nonsense are you talking about? I was only trying to help you out of kindness. Who knows what kind of relationship you have with Mrs. Gu? Why else would she have approved your loan without checking thoroughly?" Yu Sha'er retorted.

Ye Yuwei held her hands tightly together, resisting the urge to step forward and give her a slap.

Why did she not check thoroughly before approving the loan? Because she was stupid.

"Mrs. Gu, what have I ever done to you? Why do you resent me so much? Brother Juexi only treats me nicely because of my brother. Rightfully, I have to call you sister-in-law too. So, why can't you just accept me?" Yu Sha'er started tearing.

Ye Yuwei looked at the sobbing Yu Sha'er and said, "Don't call me sister-in-law. I dare not accept."

"Not long ago, all the artists in my company collectively resigned. How could there be such a coincidence? This happened right after the dispute between Miss Yu and Mrs. Gu. All of the artists suddenly decided to terminate their contract. Did Miss Yu suddenly think of these chess pieces that you could still use?" Geng Yisheng pointed his finger at Yu Sha'er. "Why did the reporters suddenly appeared when Miss Ye came to ask me about the loan? Who instigated the rumor that I had an improper relationship with Miss Ye? Miss Yu, don't you think that this is too much of a coincidence?"

Yu Sha'er's body was shaking uncontrollably. She held tightly onto Sister Qing's arm, and it was obvious that she was in a state of panic.

Sister Qing frowned and subconsciously looked at Cheng Jie.

However, Cheng Jie was playing with his cell phone at the moment. It seemed like he did not care about Yu Sha'er's life or death.

What was going on?

Yu Sha'er saw that Sister Qing was not speaking and she let go of her arm and quickly ran over to Gu Juexi's side. She held onto Gu Juexi's arm and said, "Brother Juexi, Brother Juexi, how can sister-in-law collude with outsiders to set me up?"

At this time, she addressed Ye Yuwei as her sister-in-law so intimately.

Gu Juexi lifted his head slightly and looked at Geng Yisheng who was below the stage. "Mr. Geng, you can talk indiscriminately, but ultimately, we still need evidence."

Ye Yuwei hardened her expression and subconsciously blinked her eyes.

After all this, the person that he believed in, was still Yu Sha'er.

When Yu Sha'er heard Gu Juexi's words, she raised her head smugly. Brother Juexi still believed in her.

Sister Qing felt that something was seriously wrong. She felt like Gu Juexi was leading the way, step by step. In fact, Ye Yuwei was only standing there while everything else was guided by Gu Juexi.

What was he building up to?

Geng Yisheng took out a USB flash drive from his pocket after listening to Gu Juexi's words. "Everyone in our line of work always has to keep our eyes open," Geng Yisheng said as he handed the USB flash drive to PA Wen who appeared out of nowhere.