The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 119

Chapter 119: Who Can be Spared from Heavens Reincarnation? (VI)

PA Wen took the USB flash drive and turned to look at Gu Juexi and Yu Sha'er.

"CEO, I will take this to play it. I do not trust anyone else to do it, in case they do anything to it. Don't you agree, Miss Yu?" PA Wen said earnestly but Yu Sha'er began to feel uneasy.

Who was PA Wen?

He was the second-in-command in Gu Enterprise. He had worked the longest by Gu Juexi's side. His position was that of an assistant, but even the vice CEO of the company had to listen to him and obey him. He was a man with a high position.

It would be best for PA Wen to play the USB flash drive.

As PA Wen turned his back, he smiled at Ye Yuwei reassuringly.

Ye Yuwei nodded her head in gratitude. She did not trust anyone but PA Wen.

After all, PA Wen was the one who had been helping her all these years.

Sister Qing immediately knew that the USB flash drive in PA Wen's hand contained a video and that Mr. Gu had been leading them to this moment, for the presentation of the video.

Sister Qing was flustered. The CEO was out to destroy Yu Sha'er.

Sister Qing hurried over to Gu Juexi and whispered, "Mr. Gu, this is your family's domestic matter after all. Why don't we settle this privately?"

Gu Juexi did not move. He looked at Ye Yuwei and said, "When they were besieging Mrs. Gu, they did not think that this was our family's domestic matter. Regardless of whether she is innocent or whether she had been framed, don't you think that I owe Mrs. Gu an explanation?"

This was the first time that any action had been taken against the saboteur.

The atmosphere in the room was getting livelier.

In the past, passive news about Mrs. Gu was always reported in the headlines. Rumors that she was a bitter and mean person, rumors that she was a very narrow-minded person, and also the rumor that she was a high-class prostitute. The rumor that she was a high-class prostitute was all over the news at one point.

This was the first time that Mrs. Gu had stood up to defend herself against all these allegations.

Yu Sha'er tightened her grip around Gu Juexi's arms. She asked, "Brother Juexi, how can you let Mrs. Gu do this to me? Have you forgotten how my brother died?"

Cheng Jie, who was sitting at the side and playing his cell phone, paused for a while. He curled his lip up into a smile, and then continued playing with his cell phone. He did not care that this was another person's family matter and he should not be listening.

"If you did not do it, then what are you afraid of?" Gu Juexi asked. He glanced at Ye Yuwei who was standing opposite him, then turned to look at Cheng Jie who was sitting down at the side. "Those who have done bad things in this life, will not be spared during the reincarnation. Do you agree, Mr. Cheng?"

Only a genius would understand how much hatred was contained within Gu Juexi's words.

PA Mike held the contract in his hand⸺his eyes clearly reflected the doubt that he had.

Cheng Jie lifted his hand and licked his lips. He spun the cell phone around in his hand and then said, "Heaven is blind most of the time. That's why people always say, evil withstands a thousand years."

Gu Juexi leaned back as he listened to Cheng Jie. He then smiled and looked at Ye Yuwei.

Ye Yuwei looked at him, holding her hands tightly together. She did not understand what he was trying to say.

At this time, PA Mike was secretly making a phone call at a hidden corner.

Yu Sha'er's make up was smudged. She stared at Ye Yuwei with hatred and fury in her eyes.

The clock was ticking so slowly, second by second and it felt like time had stood still. Ye Yuwei composed herself and tried to control her emotions. Whether she wins or loses this battle depended on this moment.

Her innocence depended on this.