The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 122

Chapter 122: Who Can be Spared from Heavens Reincarnation? (IX)

As soon as Yu Sha'er saw Gu Juexi standing up, she quickly crawled over to him, and desperately clung onto his legs. "Brother Juexi, these are all not true. They are all fake. You were also there, you know that these videos are not real."

PA Wen could not help but roll his eyes. 'Even at this time, you still want to drag the CEO into these? So, you want the CEO to be placed on the same ship as you?'

'Why haven't you thought about who orchestrated this whole event to expose you today?'

If the CEO had not interfered, Ye Yuwei would not have been able to pull this off.

How could he describe this from the CEO's point of view?

Ye Yuwei was like a small bird⸺very determined but ultimately powerless. If she did not fly high enough, she would be easily killed.

This was what Gu Juexi told him when he drove him to meet Geng Yisheng.

It had been proven, that this was indeed the case.

Gu Juexi looked down at Yu Sha'er.

Ye Yuwei looked at Gu Juexi with a mysterious smile on her face.

"Brother Juexi, do you believe me…"

Yu Sha'er completely threw her image aside as she cried and held onto Gu Juexi's trousers' legs like a family dog.

Ye Yuwei looked on coldly. In the past, she had also begged Gu Juexi in a similar manner. She had also kept insisting that it was not her.

Gu Juexi squatted beside Yu Sha'er and looked at her. He touched the dark circles around her eyes and said, "I told you before, your brother will only blame me if he could see you acting like this right now. Therefore, you should also assume responsibility for everything that you have done."

Cheng Jie rolled his eyes and finally stopped playing on his cell phone.

Yu Sha'er looked at Gu Juexi with incredulity and kept shaking her head. Her hair that was set up nicely was already scattered, making her look more and more pitiful.

Her Brother Juexi, how could he ignore her?

Her Brother Juexi⸺he had always doted on her the most.

"Brother Juexi, did this woman tell you anything? She framed me. Everything was set up by her. Why do you believe her and not me? I am…"

Before Yu Sha'er could finish her sentence, Gu Juexi had already stood up and looked at the woman who was desperately holding on to his calf. He asked sarcastically, "Who do you think you are?"

His voice was cold, and he stared at her like he was looking at a joke.

Ye Yuwei could understand how Yu Sha'er was feeling at the moment. This heartless man only knew how to use other people's affection for him to drive them to hell.

Yu Sha'er suffered a huge blow from Gu Juexi's words. Who did she think she was?

She was the one who Gu Juexi really loved.

"Brother Juexi, don't you love me anymore? Brother Juexi, you used to dote on me so much…" Yu Sha'er continued shouting and even Sister Qing could not hold her back.

"Treating a fantasy as reality⸺you are only causing your own downfall." Gu Juexi borrowed Ye Yuwei's words. He shook off Yu Sha'er's arms from his calf. "Wen Tao, please contact the Ministry of Film and Television. Yu Sha'er has maliciously tried to destroy Mrs. Gu's reputation. Gu Enterprise will terminate all collaborations with her. Yu Sha-Sha, I will not take any action toward you because of your brother. However, this is the only thing left that your brother can do for you."

The turning point of this scene had come too suddenly. The audience was speechless. It felt like they had watched the best drama of the century.

Yu Sha'er was still howling hysterically on stage.

It was obvious that Gu Juexi had destroyed everything that she had.

Only Gu Juexi could destroy everything that she had.

This man was not heartless, but he had no heart.

"Mr. Gu…"

Ye Yuwei suddenly raised her voice before Gu Juexi could leave.