The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 124

Chapter 124: Fox

"Sister Qing, bring her away," Gu Juexi said as he looked at Yu Sha'er who was crying miserably.

Sister Qing hurriedly got down from the stage and tried to help Yu Sha'er up. "Sha'er."

"Don't touch me. Don't touch me. Ye Yuwei, you shrew, I will destroy you." Yu Sha'er was carried out by Sister Qing and the security guards. They were followed by the reporters who had not exacted their revenge yet.

Ye Yuwei listened to the sound of the screaming, still ringing in her ears. She looked at the man who was standing beside her.

A cold-hearted man, who was still doting on Yu Sha'er seconds ago, but could then push her to hell in a blink of an eye.

Wasn't he also so heartless toward her?

After Yu Sha'er was taken away, Cheng Jie who had not spoken a word, started to get up slowly. PA Mike followed behind him.

Cheng Jie walked to Gu Juexi's side and faintly said, "Mr. Gu, you killed two birds with one stone very efficiently." Cheng Jie walked closer and closer towards Gu Juexi and said one word, "fox".


Ye Yuwei suddenly looked up.

Cheng Jie had already walked away from Gu Juexi, but he turned and smiled at Ye Yuwei, who was standing behind Gu Juexi. Gu Juexi subconsciously blocked Ye Yuwei from Cheng Jie's view.

"Mrs. Gu, you are fortunate," Cheng Jie said and immediately left with PA Mike.

His smile made Ye Yuwei feel like she was being suffocated.

Gu Juexi frowned as he watched Cheng Jie leave.

Cheng Jie's last expression was a challenge to Ye Yuwei. He understood him⸺he knew what each of his expression meant.

This farce had ended, but the war with Yu Sha'er had only just begun.

PA Wen informed all the staff to ask all the reporters to leave. The signing ceremony was over and if they had any questions, the official website will be up soon.

Therefore, the venue was quickly vacated.

Xiao Yaojing came out from the back and gave PA Wen a threatening look when she saw him.

PA Wen touched his nose and felt that his cheeks were still a little painful. Xiao Yaojing had just hit him.

'What is wrong with that woman, going around hitting people?'

Xiao Yaojing pulled Ye Yuwei to her side and looked at Gu Juexi warily. "Where is the divorce agreement? Is Mr. Gu going back on his word?"

Gu Juexi blinked his eyes, and continued staring at Ye Yuwei.

At this time in a posh villa:

Lu Qichuan leaned on the back of his chair, deep in thought.

More than a dozen computers were running at high speed at the same time.

Suddenly, one of them said, "Mr. Song, Mr. Lu, the helicopter has taken off⸺there is no landing."

Song Helian screamed and threw the cup in fury. "What did I say? It was the last step. It was the last step and we could finally catch that person. In the end, it was completely destroyed. It was completely destroyed because of that person, Ye Yuwei."

Lu Qichuan looked at the angry Song Helian and said, "What has it got to do with Ye Yuwei?"

"If it was not for her, why would the boss act this way?" Song Helian already had a bad temper, but at this point, his wrath was uncontrollable.

Lu Qichuan got up and straightened his clothes. "I believe that boss is not a reckless person. The helicopter landed and I believe that the boss' plans must have been leaked. Therefore, there must have been changes to the plan," Lu Qichuan said, blinking slightly while looking at the aviation data on the computer. Lu Qichuan smiled and said, "A game without a plan only gets more interesting."