The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 132

Chapter 132: Didnt You Love Him Very Much in the Beginning?

At a mid-mountain villa:

Cheng Jie put his legs on the table and turned on the cell phone in his hand. There was someone speaking to him.

"I told you before, Gu Juexi will never suspect me. He already doubts you," Cheng Jie said with a faint voice.

"You really do understand your brother," the voice on the phone could be heard. "But this time it is all thanks to you that Gu Juexi still believes that his buddy is dead. He is seeking to avenge him, but he does not know that this is a trap that you have personally set for him."

The cell phone in Cheng Jie's hand vibrated. A flash of memories came flooding through his mind. He could clearly remember the pain he had suffered all those years, the pain he had gone through in his flesh, the torture that he had endured mentally.

He was going to take back everything from those who had deserted and given up on him.

Cheng Jie put his feet down and placed his hands on the table. "I already helped you to deal with Gu Juexi. I hope you remember the deal between us."

"Of course. I remember, but this is not the right time for Ye Yuwei to appear. She is a big variable in Gu Juexi's life," the voice on the other side of the phone replied.

Cheng Jie pressed his hands down on the table top until his blue veins could be seen popping out the back of his hands.

Ye Yuwei.

He had a menacing smile on his face.

"You don't have to worry about Song Helian. He is nothing but a mere existence that poses no threat." Cheng Jie sat back down. "He thought that if we were to sign the contract, then you will appear. He even fought unpleasantly with Gu Juexi because of this matter. That is why you do not need to worry about him," Cheng Jie spoke as he placed his legs on the table again. PA Mike came and stood behind him. "I will naturally deal with him in the end."

At the hospital.

Auntie Mao's leg was lifted, and she could only lie down.

Ye Yuwei had been running up and down to get things for Auntie Mao. Auntie Mao was happy. Where could she ever find such a good daughter-in-law?

The young master was just too stupid.

The sky had already turned dark outside.

"Auntie Mao, what would you like to eat? I will buy it for you," Ye Yuwei said as she was arranging the quilt for Auntie Mao.

"I am not hungry. I just want to have a chat with you," Auntie Mao replied eagerly, like a child.

"Alright Auntie Mao, I am listening." Ye Yuwei sat down after she was done setting up the quilt. She reached out and held onto Auntie Mao's hand.

"Auntie Mao knows that you are already divorced. You are not telling me because you are a good child." Auntie Mao sighed. "There are some things that Auntie Mao would still like to ask you first."

Ye Yuwei's heart felt a little heavy after listening to Auntie Mao, but she kept smiling. "Please ask."

"Auntie Mao wants to ask you what affects you the most? Is it his tolerance and care for that shrew, or is it because you have given so much for him, but your efforts seem to be wasted?" Auntie Mao might be old, but her question was spot on.

Ye Yuwei was stunned for a moment. She did not expect Auntie Mao to ask this question.

At this moment, Gu Juexi who was about to enter the ward, stopped in place.

PA Wen hurriedly stopped. He stood by the door without moving.

This was a good question.

Ye Yuwei did not answer as she was loss for words.

"Didn't you love him very much in the beginning? You studied mathematics for his sake, you even studied management for him. You have put in so much effort, so why are you giving up now?" Auntie Mao anxiously asked.

Ye Yuwei bowed her head and pressed her lips tightly together. Her breathing became ragged as she was overwhelmed by her emotions.