The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 134

Chapter 134: Did He Have to Take the Blame for Everyone?

Strangers. Aside from the marriage certificate, they had nothing to do with one another.

Even the marriage certificate was gone now.

Her daydream had come to an end.

After the chef was done packing the food, Ye Yuwei reached out her hand to take it. As she was about to pay for it, someone else had already offered to pay the tab. She quickly turned and looked behind her.

"Mr. Lu."

After paying, Lu Qichuan waved his hands and he looked at Ye Yuwei's slightly red eyes. He smiled and said, "I came to visit Auntie Mao and I saw you headed to the cafeteria. I know that you are short on money recently. I might not be able to help you much, but please accept this small gesture of mine."

Ye Yuwei clenched the bag in her hand tightly and whispered, "Thank you."

Lu Qichuan shrugged and then walked with Ye Yuwei toward the ward.

"Have you already divorced Gu Juexi? Lu Qichuan asked suddenly. When he saw that there was no reply from Ye Yuwei, he said, "I just heard the news from PA Wen. I do not have any other intentions."

PA Wen who had just caught up to them, heard what he had just said and thought to himself, 'Mr. Lu, when did I even mention the divorce to you?'

Did he have to take the blame for everyone in this world?

However, this situation was not surprising. Lu Qichuan was obviously interested in the young mistress.

The danger was that Lu Qichuan was a well-mannered gentleman. He was a risk to the CEO.

The CEO had a temper which flared up all the time. Any good woman would be scared away by him.

"What a coincidence, Mr. Lu," PA Wen said with a smile.

Lu Qichuan did not change his expression. He acted as nonchalant as ever and he did not even feel ashamed that he had been caught throwing the blame to PA Wen.

"It is not a coincidence. I came to visit Auntie Mao. How is she now?" Lu Qichuan asked coolly.

There was a lump in PA Wen's throat. 'You are the fox, you win.'

"Auntie Mao is fine. Her injuries are not serious. The CEO is accompanying her right now," PA Wen said while discreetly walking between Lu Qichuan and Ye Yuwei.

He really felt like asking for a pay raise!

Lu Qichuan could tell, but he did not say a word.

PA Wen had already served Gu Juexi for ten years. Gu Juexi already considered PA Wen as one of his own people.

PA Wen was also a strange man. Even if everyone in the world were to betray Gu Juexi, he would be the only one who would remain loyal and never betray him. He was that odd.

"I have been curious, PA Wen. The CEO has such a bad temper, how could you have stayed by his side for ten years?" Lu Qichuan asked suddenly.

"The CEO might have a bad mouth, but he is a really good person," PA Wen replied.

Ye Yuwei raised her brows. She did not intend to join in their discussion.

She did not want to mention Gu Juexi's name at all.

"Yes, Gu really does have a wicked mouth. It must have been hard on you," Lu Qichuan said everything that PA Wen was holding back.

PA Wen looked at Lu Qichuan, as if he was a god that descended from heaven. 'Yes, he does have a wicked mouth!'

There was complete silence in the ward.

PA Wen had an expression that said, 'I knew it. Wherever the CEO goes, silence follows.'

Gu Juexi heard the sound of the door opening and he turned around to have a look. He did not expect to see a scene that he did not want to see.

Lu Qichuan was walking in together with Ye Yuwei.

PA Wen immediately had the urge to escape this situation.