The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 135

Chapter 135: Good for You Ye Yuwei

"Why are you here?" Gu Juexi expressed extreme dissatisfaction when he saw Lu Qichuan entering the room. He was especially displeased that he had walked in together with Ye Yuwei. It was such a sore sight to him.

"I came to see Auntie Mao in the afternoon, but she was resting so I came to visit her now," Lu Qichuan said as he stared at Ye Yuwei who was diligently feeding Auntie Mao.

'This kind of girl should be cherished.'

Gu Juexi subconsciously took a step forward and blocked Ye Yuwei from Lu Qichuan's view.

PA Wen stepped back until he was in front of the door. Ye Yuwei did not see anything as her back was facing them. However, Auntie Mao saw everything.

'Our young master is really stupid.'

He obviously cared for Ye Yuwei but did not know it himself.

That is why she was unable to let the young mistress leave. When the young master finally realizes his own feelings, he would not be able to handle it.

She did not want to see him suffer.

"Young mistress, let PA Wen send you home to rest in a while," Auntie Mao said as she gently patted Ye Yuwei's hand.

"No, I want to stay here to accompany you." Ye Yuwei did not want to go back to that house. Furthermore, from today onward, that was no longer her home.

"Go home," Gu Juexi commanded.

Ye Yuwei paused for a moment, but quickly recovered. She lifted the spoon up to her mouth, lightly blowing on it to cool it, then fed it to Auntie Mao. She completely ignored Gu Juexi's words.

Gu Juexi's temper started rising after he did not get a response.

PA Wen opened his mouth, wanting to say something.

"Ye Yuwei, can't you hear me? We do not need you here," Gu Juexi said.

PA Wen closed his mouth shut. He was annoyed at the CEO.

'What kind of neuropathy do you have, CEO? If you are afraid that the young mistress will be too tired, why can't you just say it? You are really asking for a slap from the way you are speaking.'

Ye Yuwei's hand trembled a little. She finished feeding the rest of the food to Auntie Mao before she said, "Auntie Mao, please rest earlier. I will come and see you again tomorrow."

"Young mistress, young master, he…" Auntie Mao did not expect Gu Juexi to say such brainless words. Ye Yuwei had already stood up before she could explain on his behalf.

Ye Yuwei turned her back and curled her lips into a smile as she faced Gu Juexi directly. "Thank you for your reminder, Mr. Gu." She then walked across him without looking back.

He no longer needed an outsider to care about his home.

Gu Juexi frowned when he heard Ye Yuwei's tone.

Lu Qichuan shook his head. This person was really—


"Sister-in-law, I will send you home," Lu Qichuan suddenly offered.

"Are you too free?" Gu Juexi retorted, not giving Ye Yuwei the chance to reply.

PA Wen's heart was beating rapidly. "Young mistress, I will send you home," PA Wen said as he stepped forward, gesturing Ye Yuwei to come quickly. He did not know what stupid thing the CEO would say if they stayed any longer.

Ye Yuwei wanted to turn down his offer, but upon seeing his helpless face begging for help, she nodded her head and followed him out.

It was probably because of PA Wen's initiative that Gu Juexi finally relaxed his expression. He turned to Lu Qichuan and said, "Lu Qichuan, do not forget. She is still your sister-in-law."

"Is she? I thought she no longer is. Aren't the both of you divorced already?" Lu Qichuan said.

Gu Juexi was visibly enraged by his question. "Did she tell you that?"

'Good for you, Ye Yuwei. You couldn't wait to look for him?'

The fury that Gu Juexi was holding back was inadvertently coming out.