The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 138

Chapter 138: The Caller ID that Lit Up for the First Time

Butler Kim was still talking while packing up the remainder of Ye Yuwei's belongings. However, when he stumbled upon the notebook that had been torn to pieces in the drawer, Gu Juexi quickly snatched it from him.

[You…Can you please sign this for me?]

In the past, she looked at him with those bright and sparkling eyes. She had been so cautious toward him, but her excitement could not be hidden.

Now, she looked at him with dull eyes that showed no interest.

It was because she had discovered that the person who had found her first in the past was Lu Qichuan.

Yes, it must be because of that!

As Gu Juexi thought about it, he suddenly threw the lipstick that was in his hand. "Everyone, get out!"

Although his voice was not loud, all the servants quickly dropped whatever they were doing and hurriedly left the room.

The young master usually came home only once a year. However, this year he was constantly at home. They were all afraid of him.

Gu Juexi looked down at the torn notebook, and raised his hand to throw it. However, he stopped his hand mid-air.

Butler Kim glanced at him and stopped whatever he was doing. He turned and walked out of the room.

What the young master needed now, was time to think it through.

After having their dinner, Ye Yuwei and Xiao Yaojing were leaning on the sofa, watching television.

The television was showing news about what had happened to Yu Sha'er. She had fallen to nothing, from a very high place. Ye Yuwei leaned her head on Xiao Yaojing's shoulder as she watched the video of the screaming Yu Sha'er being aired on television.

"Since you said that your housekeeper Auntie Mao already knows about your divorce, then why don't you go and get it notarized soon?" Xiao Yaojing handed a peeled apple to Ye Yuwei.

"Maybe tomorrow. I will go tomorrow," Ye Yuwei said faintly as she ate the apple that was tasteless to her.

"Do you see it now? A man like Gu Juexi does not know what love is. Isn't Yu Sha'er's ending worse than yours? In the past, Yu Sha'er had trampled on you repeatedly to get where she was, but a single word from Gu Juexi and she lost everything that she had. She has nothing left now."

Ye Yuwei felt unpleasantness in her heart when she heard what Xiao Yaojing had said, so she got up and said, "I don't feel like watching anymore, I will go to bed first."

"Why do you sleep so much lately? Previously when I called you, you told me you had just woken up. It was already ten in the morning at that time!" Xiao Yaojing said.

Ye Yuwei tilted her head and replied, "Maybe it is because my wish has been fulfilled, that is why I am able to finally sleep in peace. I will go and sleep now. Lower the volume of your television, don't wake me up."

Xiao Yaojing looked at Ye Yuwei entering the bedroom, and she decided to turn off the television.

Ye Yuwei took a shower and quickly jumped into bed. However, she was not able to fall asleep.

It was all over, she was finally free.

More than ten years of feelings finally came to an end.

As Ye Yuwei was deep in thought, her cell phone which was placed on the table suddenly rang. She reached out for it, and her hands trembled a little when she saw the two words displayed on the caller ID.

All these years, the name that appeared on her caller ID had never lit up before.

The irony was that, on the day of their divorce, his name lit up.

She quickly rejected the call and placed the cell phone on the table. She then lifted her quilt over her head and curled up on the bed. The phone rang once again, and she left it ringing on its own.

[Ye Yuwei, don't call me if there is nothing important.

Ye Yuwei, you can call PA Wen if you need anything. I am really very busy, I do not have time to answer your calls.

Call PA Wen directly, don't call me.]

Eventually, Ye Yuwei did not take the initiative to call Gu Juexi anymore. The number that was stored in her phone eventually sank to the bottom of the list.

It should have been at the bottom of the list, right from the start.