The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 146

Chapter 146: How Does Ye Yuwei Usually Come to Work?

The whole situation was absurd. Ye Yuwei got out the car—she still could not get over it. What Gu Juexi just did was ridiculous beyond words.

On the other side, PA Wen stared attentively at Gu Juexi through the rear-view mirror. This was the first time he encountered such a bizarre situation all through his thirty years.

'CEO is extremely cranky but at the same time, he is so cute. It is true that he had never fallen in love before,' PA Wen thought to himself.

Beep! Beep!

Just as Ye Yuwei was still pondering over Gu Juexi's bizarre behavior, another Rolls-Royce stopped by. Ye Yuwei squinted at the car—she did not like it from the moment she saw it.

The window rolled down and a pair of blue eyes came into view. She was mildly startled as the person looked familiar to her.

"Hi, Mrs. Gu. Nice meeting you meet again." Cheng Jie leaned back as he smiled. His smile was not natural.

Something crossed her mind.

"Mr. Cheng." He was the man she met at the press conference.

"Where are you going, Mrs. Gu? I can give you a lift." Cheng Jie walked out the car.

Mike did not get down the car but watch both Ye Yuwei and Cheng Jie from the rear-view mirror.

"It's ok, thank you." Ye Yuwei rejected him. They were not close to each other after all.

Hearing Ye Yuwei, Cheng Jie was indifferent and there was no sign of him leaving.

"You're going to the bank, aren't you? We are heading to the same place. Gu Enterprise has just signed an agreement with Bo Shen Enterprise, there are still some financial issues yet to be settled. I am afraid that we may need Mrs. Gu's assistance on this."

"Mr. Cheng, as you are aware, I have made a mistake earlier and would soon be fired by the bank. I have also requested to resign. I don't think I am capable of helping Mr. Cheng. I have to go." Ye Yuwei nodded her head slightly and turned to leave.

Leaning against the car, Cheng Jie watched Ye Yuwei leaving.

"Ye Yuwei is truly an interesting woman."'Cheng Jie' got in the car and instructed Mike to leave.

"Young Master, Mr. Cheng told us not to mess with Ye Yuwei." Mike reminded Cheng Jie as he started the engine.

Cheng Jie merely put on a wicked smile.

When Ye Yuwei reached the bank, it was already noon. Her feet were numb and tired after the long walk. Hence, she did not walk in the bank but sat on the flowerbed at the entrance, massaging her feet.

At this time in the CEO's office, Gu Juexi was watching Ye Yuwei at the window.

"CEO, Manager Ouyang is preparing the capital project for the deal with Bo Shen Enterprise and will provide the initial proposal in the evening," PA Wen reminded Gu Juexi behind him.

Gu Juexi did not seem to hear his words—his gaze still fixed upon Ye Yuwei.

"How does Ye Yuwei come to work usually?" Gu Jue suddenly asked.

"The driver sends her here," PA Wen responded after his slight surprise.

Gu Juexi seemed satisfied with the answer.

"CEO, Mr. Cheng is still waiting for you," PA Wen reminded him again. Cheng Jie had been waiting more than an hour but Gu Juexi did not meet him. This was rude.