The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 148

Chapter 148: Well, You Take the Cake!

PA Wen turned to look at Ye Yuwei who was still hesitating⸺he did not tell Ye Yuwei the things that had happened to Xiao Yaojing. He only informed Gu Juexi and left for the police station.

After PA Wen left, Ye Yuwei got up, threw the paper cup into the trash can not far away, and walked into the bank.

The weather outside was blistering hot, but her heart was icy cold. Since her heart was dead, why would she care where she was? Ye Yuwei entered the lift as strangers watched her from behind. The fake news that reported that she was a call girl was still widespread throughout the city. They would naturally not letting her off easily. This time, she did not shrink back but straightened her back and paid no heed to the people around her.

Ye Yuwei bumped into Ouyang Xianxin when she entered the office.

"I couldn't reach you through the phone. I was about to look for you." Ouyang Xianxin signaled her to enter the room.

"This is the information of Bo Shen Enterprise and the terms and conditions of the deal. I have roughly done part of it. You take it from there." She took a document and handed it over to Ye Yuwei.

"Alright. I will complete this as soon as possible. I need the three-year transaction details of Bo Shen Enterprise too," Ye Yuwei nodded after took a glance at the documents.

Ouyang Xianxin reached out to another document and put it in Ye Yuwei's hands.

"I know you need this. I have asked Xiao Cha to take this out for you. You can pick a few people to help you on this deal. My daughter is driving me crazy these few days. If you did not appear, I would have really gone insane."

Looking at the documents in her hand, Ye Yuwei did not know if her choice was right. But when she thought of Xiao Yaojing, she simply had no choice.

PA Wen sped his way to the police station only to see Xiao Yaojing sitting down and eating melon seeds with her leg crossed. 'She is really something.'

"Where is Ye Yuwei?" Xiao Yaojing grabbed his collar as soon as she saw PA Wen.

"Hey!" PA Wen pushed her away slightly, made a gesture to calm her down, and took a step back.

"Hi, I am Wen Tao." PA Wen walked straight to the counter.

The police officer looked up at PA Wen and showed him a picture.

"This car is severely smashed. Miss Xiao has admitted that she did this," the police officer took a glance at Xiao Yaojing as he said. This was the first time he encountered one who voluntarily surrendered and brought her own evidence for smashing a luxury car.

PA Wen looked at the dents of the car in the picture. Miss Xiao truly had a fiery temper. It was lucky that she hit the car instead of him.

Looking at Xiao Yaojing, PA Wen could not help but smile.

"Miss Xiao, you can call me if you want to look for me, you didn't have to… do this." PA Wen pointed at the picture.

Xiao Yaojing merely sneered. "He is an eyesore to me. You are no better."

"Miss Xiao may not know CEO well. He…" PA Wen simply could not do anything with her, He left after signing the document to drop the charge.

"I know. He is a jerk. Where did you Ye Yuwei?" Disregarding PA Wen, Xiao Yaojing interrupted.

'Jerk? Well, you take the cake!'

"Mrs. Gu is in the bank now. She is free to go anywhere she wants. She might return to your house shortly. Just that…" Before PA Wen could finished his last word, he pushed Xiao Yaojing away and quickly rushed out.