The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 151

Chapter 151: Why Is She All Dolled Up?

"Mr. Gu, Mr. Cheng, why not we discuss the project first?" said Ouyang Xianxin quickly after looking at Ye Yuwei in the corner of her eye.

"Manager Ouyang has explained it rather clearly. I have no comments. What about Mr. Gu?" said Cheng Jie as Ouyang Xianxin looked at him thankfully for being cooperative and friendly.

Gu Juexi looked away from Ye Yuwei and looked at Ouyang Xianxin instead. "Remit the fund one month before the project," said Gu Juexi.

Although distracted by Ye Yuwei, Gu Juexi had his priorities clear.

"The practice is to remit the fund one week before the project, Mr. Gu. It's not appropriate to advance the remittance," said Cheng Jie emotionlessly while fidgeting with his phone. 

To her surprise, Ye Yuwei noticed that Cheng Jie and Gu Juexi had very similar habits – Gu Juexi liked fidgeting with his phone when he talks, or adjusting his sleeves if his phone was not with him. Even how they fidgeted with their phone or adjusted their sleeves looked alike!

How uncanny!

"Our project fund is more than 15 billion USD. It is not a small amount and we would need time to monitor the funds even if they are pumped in tranches. Don't you think so, Mr. Cheng?" said Gu Juexi who stopped fidgeting with his phone and leaned forward with his elbow on the table, "or Mr. Cheng can't guarantee where the money is from?"

"You know that is not true. But since you are concerned, we are more than happy to cooperate," said Cheng Jienonchalantly, "and I trust that your employees are competent enough to find out if there ever is something fishy." Cheng Jie looked at Ye Yuwei as he said.

Ye Yuwei looked up and find herself looking into Cheng Jie's blue eyes.

Gu Juexi squinted at the two of them looking at each other and felt rage in him.

'Why did she have to wear a dress? Isn't there a uniform that she can wear?' As if Lu Qichuan was not enough for him to worry about. Did he have to worry about Cheng Jie now too? Great!

"Manager Ye. Don't you know our company policies? You haven't officially left the company. Where is your work ethics?" Gu Juexi blurted out.

Ye Yuwei looked at Gu Juexi as if looking at a crazy man, while the latter enjoyed being looked at. He liked it when she looked at him. It did not matter how she looked at him so long as her eyes were on him.

"What do you mean, Mr. Gu?" Ye Yuwei frowned and asked. She was sitting right there talking with the client, how was that unethical?

"Look at Manager Ouyang. Doesn't our company provide uniforms? Why are you all dolled up for a meeting?" Gu Juexi stated monotonously.

Ye Yuwei took a deep breath, followed by another one, and then threw the documents in her hand on the table. She got up from her chair and yelled at Gu Juexi, "Mr. Gu, you told me to come here right after I reached office. I didn't have time to change."

And how was she all dolled up? The dress she was wearing was less than 300 bucks, and she was not wearing any accessories at all.

How was she all dolled up?

What PA Wen saw when he finally reached the place was Ye Yuwei yelling at Gu Juexi, Manager Ouyang who was too nervous to say a word, Cheng Jie and Mike who looked like they were enjoying the drama, and Gu Juexi who thought he had the last say as the CEO.

PA Wen began to wonder if he had come too late.