The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 152

Chapter 152: The Opinionated Man

Ye Yuwei sat down angrily after seeing PA Wen.

PA Wen quickly walked in, adjusted his breath, and began to report, "Everything is taken care of, Mr. Gu. Zhou Xiaobin was sent to the police station and the publishers were already finalizing the press release while I was on my way here. As for Young Mistress' photos, I can get back to you by 4pm later."

PA Wen relayed the information clearly despite his shortness of breath, with his voice just loud enough for everyone there to hear.

Ye Yuwei looked at Gu Juexi when she heard about the photos. She did not mention anything about the photos during the press conference because PA Wen advised her not to. According to PA Wen, the evidence was insufficient and Yu Sha'er could very well counter-accuse using those photos, resulting in all other evidences they had to carry less evidential value than they actually did.

So, she took PA Wen's advice. She even thought of admitting her affair with Geng Yisheng just to avoid all unnecessary trouble, since karma had already got Yu Sha'er.

Never had she expected that Gu Juexi was still handling it. Ye Yuwei began to wonder if Gu Juexi was doing it for her, but the idea was thrown out of her head almost immediately.

Men like Gu Juexi could not stand being lied to, that was most probably why he treated Yu Sha'er like that. How cold hearted.

Gu Juexi nodded slightly at what PA Wen reported and then looked at Ye Yuwei as if waiting for her to thank him, but she was not looking at him at all.

"How lucky of Mrs. Gu to have husband this protective. But Mr. Gu, is it really okay that you treat someone who was once your soulmate like this?" said Cheng Jie emotionlessly.

'Protective?' Ye Yuwei put on a sarcastic smile on her face. Gu Juexi was protective of her? That was definitely the joke of the year.

"Mr. Cheng." Gu Juexi managed to catch Ye Yuwei's sarcastic smile and he thought her smile was expressive of disdain, so he did not continue looking at her. "I think you don't know me well enough. I hate people who feigns compliance."

'I definitely did not do that for Ye Yuwei!' Gu Juexi thought to himself.

"Mr. Cheng, better be careful with your words. Mrs. Gu is the kind who will take a mile if you give her an inch," said Gu Juexi, as if disagreeing with Cheng Jie would prove that he really was not doing it for Ye Yuwei.

Ye Yuwei almost tore the documents in her hands into pieces. She looked up and smiled at Gu Juexi. "I have never expected you to do anything for me, so stop being so opinionated," said Ye Yuwei.

"Looks like you don't need me here if you only came to insult me," said Ye Yuwei as she stood up from her chair to leave.

PA Wen cursed silently at Gu Juexi's emotional intelligence.

'Insult? When did I insult her?' Gu Juexi began to wonder when he heard the word "insult".

"PA Wen, please finalize the agreement with Manager Ouyang and Mr. Cheng," ordered Gu Juexi who stood up to leave after Ye Yuwei left.