The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 153

Chapter 153: The Insult about the Uniform

Ye Yuwei went back to her office after leaving the conference room and threw the documents on her table.

The first time she showed up in front of Gu Juexi in uniform was when she first joined the company. That day, PA Wen called to tell her that Gu Juexi wanted to bring her to an event, and told her to reach Gu Juexi's office before 6pm.

She was so excited that she left her office an hour early without changing into her own clothes and went Gu Enterprise in Gu Bank's uniform.

[The taxi stopped at Gu Enterprise and Ye Yuwei got down the taxi after paying the fare. Her face looked clean without make up, and she looked awkward in Gu Bank's uniform which was too mature for her.

PA Wen came out from the building to pick Ye Yuwei up with a smile on his face. "Why did you come in your uniform?"

"Is it quite inappropriate? Should I go back to change? I didn't want to be late," said Ye Yuwei carefully with excitement in her voice.

PA Wen looked down at his watch to check the time. "It's okay, I will get someone to prepare your dress. We still have some time before the event, please take a seat while I inform Mr. Gu that you are here."

"Thank you," said Ye Yuwei while she followed PA Wen to the waiting area.

She sat in the waiting area restlessly for nearly half an hour before Gu Juexi finally showed up. She got up from her chair quickly, looked at him affectionately and called out his name carefully, "Gu, Gu Juexi."

Gu Juexi looked at PA Wen after taking only a glance at her. "Why is she wearing the uniform? Is there nothing else that she can wear?" asked Gu Juexi, who then left the waiting area.

Ye Yuwei was stunned and stood where she was for a long time.

She did not change because she was afraid of being late.

Neither did PA Wen expect Gu Juexi to be furious, so he tried to explain, "The company will prepare the dress for Mrs. Gu, so…"

"So the company will prepare for her for the rest of her life? Doesn't she know what to wear and what not to wear for an event? I don't have time for her," said Gu Juexi as his voice and footsteps faded from the waiting area.

Ye Yuwei clenched her fists and looked at herself in the uniform.

PA Wen returned to the waiting area and saw Ye Yuwei looking down with teardrops on the floor.

"Please don't take it to heart, Mrs. Gu. Mr. Gu doesn't like wasting his time. Why don't I send you back? It's okay since it is your first time… You will know what to do the next time." PA Wen comforted Ye Yuwei.

Ye Yuwei nodded and looked at PA Wen while she tried her best to smile. "I will take note of that, thank you PA Wen. I can go back on my own."]

Ye Yuwei was standing by her table and leaning over with her hands spread apart while she tried her best to hold in her tears. Whatever she did would be wrong to Gu Juexi, because her existence itself was wrong to him.

Gu Juexi leaned at the door looking at Ye Yuwei trembling. She did not cry because she was holding it in with all her strength.

"Ye Yuwei…" Gu Juexi called out.

Ye Yuwei took a deep breath and made sure there were no tears in her eyes before she gave Gu Juexi an icy glare, just like how he did to her back then at the waiting area.