The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 155

Chapter 155: Proud of His Own Wit

"You are returning to China?" Gu Juexi merely frowned, took a glance at Ye Yuwei and walked out.

"Yes. What happened to Auntie Mao? Why is she hurt? Is it because of the orphan that your mom chose for you?" A touch of indignation was expressed in her tone.

"Grandma, it has nothing to do with Ye Yuwei." Gu Juexi was puzzled.

"You are still defending the ill-bred slut. With such an abominable upbringing, I wonder why your mom would want her to marry you. She is not meant for you."


"I will be back with Yuyan in another two days. She had just secured a diamond deal. Since she is working on jewelry designs, she could help you."

"Grandma…" The line on the other end was cut before Gu Juexi could finish his sentence.

At this time, PA Wen was walking out the room. Seeing Gu Juexi, he knew that Gu Juexi's grandma had upset him. Gu Juexi had never thought that his grandma would return to China. Everything that happened in these few days went beyond his expectations, especially the woman in the room now.

"CEO, there are a few documents pending review. Why don't we go back to the office? The project would not be completed so soon anyway," PA Wen asked.

"Get somebody to check on Mike." Gu Juexi glanced at him and handed him his phone as he strode toward the lift. PA Wen quickly rushed after him.

"Keep an eye on Song Helian. Cheng Jie is cunning. He is just waiting for Song Helian to take action." In the elevator, Gu Juexi lowered his eyes and smoothened the creases from his suit.

PA Wen merely nodded. "I will handle this. We really don't need to tell Mr. Lu?"

At this time, the lift had stopped at the first floor. Slightly startled, Gu Juexi gave him a piercing gaze. "No."

After Gu Juexi left, Ye Yuwei took a deep breath and suppressed her anger.

"It's just three months. I can do it."

However, thinking of the divorce agreement that had not come into motion and Gu Juexi had never mentioned about it, Ye Yuwei was puzzled. She was not capable of reading his mind.

'You don't need to understand him. CEO is a fool. He simply doesn't know how to express himself. CEO could only feel that others care about him by hurting them with his words. CEO is such an idiot.' PA Wen suffered terrible anxiety recently working with Gu Juexi.

Five-thirty in the evening, a breaking news shook the whole city. The person behind the whole conspiracy was finally revealed—Yu Sha'er. That was not all, she was also the person behind a set-up involving another actress. As everyone knew that both Yu Sha'er and that actress were aiming to get the same role in a movie, Yu Sha'er was naturally the one who set her up. As the news spread, Yu Sha'er quickly became the subject of various criticism. She had lost many of her loyal fans and her reputation was tarnished forever.

PA Wen told Gu Juexi about the whole incident and Gu Juexi seemed to be happy with this but when his eyes met PA Wen's, his face suddenly darkened.

"Why are you still here?"

Where else should I go during office hours?' PA Wen was slightly stunned. Suddenly, something crossed his mind. PA Wen instantly understood the meaning of Gu Juexi's words. Gu Juexi wanted him to pick Mrs. Gu up!

Beaming with pride, PA Wen was proud of his own wit. 'Who else could get this other than me?'