The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 158

Chapter 158: You Still Want to Work for That Jerk?

Mike walked to a corner hidden from Cheng Jie's view and quickly made a phone call to report the current situation.

The receiver of the call went quiet for a while before responding, "This is getting interesting."

"Boss, up until now I think Gu Juexi hasn't suspected Yu Jiangqing's identity. He still thinks Yu Jiangqing has passed away, hence the intention to avenge him. Looks like Yu Jiangqing has found his mother's murderer. This shows the incident that happened years ago was true." Mike gave his opinion, in hopes of helping his boss to understand the state now.

"Continue watching Yu Jiangqing, monitor his next move. If he kills that person, we can trust him then." The receiver ended the call after he finished his sentence.

Mike took a deep breath before going back to the car.

Cheng Jie's rage has dissipated as he fiddled with his phone, planning his moves. He was waiting for Mike's return.

Mike got into the car and nodded at 'Cheng Jie' in the rear mirror. "Second Master, do we go back now?"

"Let's go back,"'Cheng Jie' said coolly as he kept his phone and closed his eyes.

The car engine started and slowly made its way out of this rundown town that seemed non-existent.

Xiao Yaojing was keeping time when Ye Yuwei got home. If Ye Yuwei did not return by seven o'clock, she was going to demand her from PA Wen.

"You're finally home." Xiao Yao Jing heaved a sigh of relief. She took a look at Ye Yuwei and said, "That jerk didn't hurt you, did he?"

The first thing Ye Yuwei wanted to do was find her phone and check her account balance to see if her salary was banked in. Ye Yuwei felt relieved when she saw the notification message on her phone screen. Including internship, she had worked at Gu Bank for three years. Since she was entitled to regular wages, she had received seven hundred thousand.

Ye Yuwei relaxed and turned to look at Xiao Yaojing. "Gu Juexi has paid my salary."

"He had to do that." Xiao Yaojing snorted. "You better resign as soon as possible and get the divorce agreement notarized. You would be free then."

Ye Yuwei nodded in agreement. Indeed, these were the things she wanted to do but she doesn't know what Gu Juexi was thinking. He did not bring up the acknowledgment of the divorce agreement.

"I forgot to mention. There were a few calls from several banks today, calling me in for interviews tomorrow. You don't have to worry about me." Xiao Yaojing was worried Ye Yuwei would compromise because of her, thus hurriedly informed Ye Yuwei about the calls she had received earlier today.

"That's good news." Ye Yuwei smiled as she spoke. Gu Juexi has kept his words regarding this matter but she could not tell Xiao Yaojing. "I've tendered my resignation letter, but it will take three months for the approval and the handover of work."

"You still want to work for that jerk?" Xiao Yaojing shrieked. "Are you that oblivious?"

"It has nothing to do with Gu Juexi. You know our field has too many numbers involved. I cannot leave a mess for others to clean up because of my personal matters, can I?" Ye Yuwei grabbed Xiao Yaojing shoulders and led her to the living room to have a seat.

"It wasn't easy to get out of this. You don't need to worry, I won't seek trouble again."