The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 160

Chapter 160: How Long More Do You Want to Bring Yu Sha'er Up?

Ye Yuwei could not help but look toward the direction of Auntie Mao's gaze and happened to see Gu Juexi who had just stepped out of the washroom.

Gu Juexi stopped in his tracks when he saw Ye Yuwei.

Ye Yuwei wore a white blouse with black long pants. When she got out of the car earlier, she did not take cover from the rain. Hence, her wet blouse traced her skin and her pants made out the shape of her legs.

She had walked all the way from the entrance of the hospital to the ward.

'How many people have seen her in this state?!'

Unimaginable anger began to boil.

'Is she ignorant to her appearance now?'

Ye Yuwei was baffled by the sudden change in Gu Juexi's expression.

But she was not bothered by it. She turned and looked at Auntie Mao. "Auntie Mao, I have some matters to attend to at the bank. I shall take my leave."

"Do come and visit me after work please." Auntie Mao coaxed.

Ye Yuwei nodded. "Okay, I will bring your favorite fruits over after work."

"You're truly a good child. Okay, go off to work then." Auntie Mao grinned and turned to look at Gu Juexi.

"Ye Yuwei, where did the salary I paid you go to? You couldn't afford an umbrella?" Gu Juexi snapped looking at Ye Yuwei's attire that clung onto her body.

Ye Yuwei heard the sudden outburst and took a deep breath. "Mr. Gu, please seek treatment if you're unwell. Turn right at the exit and take an elevator to the fourth floor. There is a psychiatry department there. I think without Miss Yu, Mr. Gu's mental state seems to have deteriorated."

"How long more do you want to bring Yu Sha'er up?" Gu Juexi was furious at the mention of her name, his fury was getting out of control.

Auntie Mao covered her mouth with her hands, amused by her young master's adorable behavior. He would not have come over to visit her if he did not know the young mistress was coming over to visit. He came over early and appeared preoccupied but it was obvious he was waiting for the young mistress.

'This looks promising.

'Especially when he is jealous.

'The Gu family finally has someone who knows how to love.'

Ye Yuwei looked at Gu Juexi as if he was a psychiatric patient. If he did not rescue her years ago… to fall in love with this kind of man⸺

'Alright, it doesn't seem that hard.

'Love matters aside, he is an outstanding guy after all.'

PA Wen entered and saw Ye Yuwei fuming. He wondered what the bloke said to agitate her.

PA Wen walked up to Gu Juexi and whispered, "He wants to meet you."

Gu Juexi raised his head upon hearing PA Wen's words and walked out hurriedly. PA Wen followed closely behind. "Why are you following me?" Gu Juexi's expression changed.

PA Wen was dumbfounded.

'If I don't follow you, who else do I follow?'

'You are my boss!'

"It is raining heavily. You want to let Ye Yuwei go to the bank on her own?" Gu Juexi sneered before walking away.

PA Wen smacked his own forehead and came to his senses. He has been rushing the entire morning and did not get the hint.