The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 161

Chapter 161: The First Compliment

Gu Juexi left the hospital and as he was about to turn around, Lu Qichuan appeared out of nowhere and dragged him to a corridor.

"What is it?" Gu Juexi shook off Lu Qichuan's hand⸺he had a grim expression written all over his face.

"Taking revenge for Yu Jiangqing? What are you planning with Yu Jiangqing?" Lu Qichuan demanded. "All the things you've done are all to make Yu Sha'er lose everything with the intention to avenge Yu Jiangqing. What are you both planning?"

Gu Juexi straightened his clothes, took a look at the face of his watch, and looked up to Lu Qichuan's equally grave expression. "I've told you before⸺live your life well as a lawyer and as Lu's young master."

"When we were in the army together, you and Yu Jiangqing were the closest. Nobody understands him more than you. You've said this before." Lu Qichuan tried to block Gu Juexi from leaving. "Gu, I know we're not as smart as you, but our buddy's revenge doesn't involve you alone, and it is not⸺"

"Enough." Gu Juexi interrupted Lu Qichuan, not giving him the chance to continue. "I've said this before, do not mention Yu Jiangqing's name to me," Gu Juexi warned and left the hospital without looking back.

"Damn it." Lu Qichuan punched the wall.

The project fund collaboration with Bo Shen Enterprise was more complicated than Ye Yuwei had imagined. Ye Yuwei had spent the entire morning with Ouyang Xianxin trying to sort out the details, but they were unable to come up with a plan.

"150 billion, this sum is too big." Ouyang Xianxin pinched her forehead and glanced over at Ye Yuwei who was studying the files. "Yuwei, go and have a meal first. We can continue in the afternoon."

"Sister Xin, the businesses that Bo Shen Enterprise are involved in are too broad. A lot of their funds are in financial securities, antique trading, and a casino in Macau." Ye Yuwei divulged.

"You're afraid that the source of their funds is not legal?" Ouyang Xianxin replied after awhile.

"I can't confirm that, but these are the usual places for money laundering. If we can't confirm the source of their funds, once we've collaborated then Gu Enterprise would be⸺"

"An accomplice." Ouyang Xianxin was taken aback. She hurriedly went back to her desk and turned on her computer. "Request more concrete documents on the source of their funds from Bo Shen Enterprise, tell them it's for filing purposes."

Ye Yuwei nodded, picked up her phone, and called the phone number that she had called previously.

When Mike answered the phone, Cheng Jie was sitting at the balcony listening to the raindrops. He smirked hearing Mike's phone call.

Mike walked to the balcony after finishing his conversation with Ye Yuwei. "It's Manager Ye, she needs us to provide more supportive documents on the source of our funding," Mike said.

Cheng Jie moved in his rocking chair. His hands on his abdomen were clasped together lightly. "She's a smart lady. Too bad Gu Juexi let her go. Send the prepared documents over."

Mike nodded and left.

At Gu Enterprise, when PA Wen informed Gu Juexi of the matter, Gu Juexi's eyes lit up with admiration. That woman seemed to be more capable than expected. Through the types of businesses involved, she was able to figure out certain things.

"Miss Yu's whereabouts have been identified. The person who took her away is her father. Her biological father." PA Wen disclosed.

Gu Juexi raised his head in surprise. The next second, the pen held in his hand snapped in two.