The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 165

Chapter 165: Childish!

Lu Qichuan thought about Ye Yuwei's question and then replied, "Yuwei, I think that you do not really understand the marriage laws in our country. There is no effect on a divorce agreement in China. Even if your divorce agreement is notarized, it would still be invalid if you did not go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to apply for a divorce registration."

Ye Yuwei was shocked by what Lu Qichuan had just said.

When Lu Qichuan saw her expression, he smiled and said, "How can it be possible to initiate a divorce just by a divorce agreement? I do not know about other countries, but in China, it is definitely impossible."

Ye Yuwei lowered her head, feeling extremely annoyed. "I thought it would all be over once I get the divorce agreement notarized."

Lu Qichuan looked back at the car that was following closely behind them. It was probably one of the most desperate times he had seen Gu Juexi, and somehow, deep inside he felt inexplicably—good.

"Even if you want to, I believe that Gu Juexi will not go with you to the Civil Affairs Bureau to go through the divorce registration procedures," Lu Qichuan told Ye Yuwei.

"I am still grateful to you. If you did not inform me about this, I would have wasted more effort in trying to get him to notarize the divorce agreement," Ye Yuwei said.

Lu Qichuan smiled and continued driving.

Gu Juexi followed closely behind Lu Qichuan's car with a gloomy face.

That woman actually left with another man, even before she was officially divorced! She was really asking for a beating!


Very angry!

Extremely angry!

What would the two people be talking about in the car?

Would there be any extraordinary actions?

It was clear and without a doubt that Lu Qichuan liked Ye Yuwei.

Ye Yuwei wants to repay him, so—

Gu Juexi stepped hard on the pedal, and drove right in front of Lu Qichuan's car. He then stopped the car.

Lu Qichuan stepped on the brake frantically, stopping the car immediately. He almost crashed into Gu Juexi's car. He could not help but curse at Gu Juexi in his heart, 'Gu Juexi, you are a lunatic. Even if you are not afraid to die, we still want to live!'

Before Lu Qichuan could finish reprimanding Gu Juexi, the door on Ye Yuwei's side was opened. Ye Yuwei had not reacted to the sudden car braking, but a suit jacket had already been placed over her head.


Despite Ye Yuwei's persistent struggle, Gu Juexi bent over and unbuckled her safety belt. He then held her down, the suit still covering her head, and looked at Lu Qichuan. Gu Juexi then firmly said, "Lu Qichuan, this is the end of it. She will always be your sister-in-law. This fact will never change in this life."

After he was done speaking, Gu Juexi pulled her out of the car and quickly carried her in his arms. He then ran to the car parked in front. He opened the door of the passenger seat and threw her in before he locked the door and quickly turned around and ran to the driver seat.

Lu Qichuan looked at this sudden occurrence. It was the first time he had seen Gu Juexi unbuckle a seatbelt for anyone. It was the first time he had seen Gu Juexi subconsciously thinking of the woman before him. Gu Juexi had threatened him first, before taking her out of the car. By doing so, he had significantly reduced the amount of time that Ye Yuwei would be drenched by the rain.

Gu Juexi had unconsciously fallen for this woman. Unfortunately, he did not know it.

"Gu Juexi, do you know how dangerous it would be for you, with Ye Yuwei as your weakness?" Lu Qichuan said quietly. He watched as the car in front of him started and drove off, before he quickly started his own car.

If he stayed any longer, the traffic police would arrive soon. After all, there was a string of tyre marks behind them. Those who did not know would have thought that there had been an accident up front.

"Childish." Lu Qichuan laughed out loud.