The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 169

Chapter 169: Auntie Maos Sharp Question

Looking at the eagerness in Auntie Mao's eyes, Ye Yuwei could not bear to turn her down. She nodded slightly as she endured the discomfort in her lower abdomen.

Auntie Mao smiled and held onto Ye Yuwei's hands. "I knew it. Our young mistress is a very filial child."

Ye Yuwei smiled half-heartedly. "I will peel another apple for you."

Auntie Mao looked at Ye Yuwei and reached out to take the apple that she had placed on the table. She slowly said, "I know that our young master has hurt you deeply. You were so happy to have married him, but he has always been indifferent to you."

Ye Yuwei's hand shook a little but she did not speak. She continued peeling the apple.

"You probably do not know that all the men in the Gu Family are the same. From his grandfather, to his father and to the young master himself, they all have the same character. The only difference was that his grandmother and mother only cared about their sons. They do not care about their husbands, and that was how they were able to live harmoniously together for so many years. In fact, the men of the Gu Family never understood what love is. This is the kind of marriage that the young master knows."

Ye Yuwei lowered her head, avoiding Auntie Mao's gaze.

"When the young master was a boy, he would always be hoping that his mother and father would accompany him to play, but at that time, his father was always busy. Sometimes, he would not even come home for the entire year. I can still clearly remember that when young master was about three to four years old, he would always stand by the door during his birthday, hugging a soft toy that his father had given him a long time ago. Whenever someone tried to get him to move, he would not listen and insist that he wanted to wait for his father to come home. It happened once, and then twice and then thrice. Eventually, the young master gave up and no longer waited for his father to come home."

Ye Yuwei's hand shook a little and the knife almost cut into her hand.

Her mother-in law was so beautiful. She was so gentle. How could her husband have treated her that way?

As for Gu Juexi, he must have been so young at that time and yet he was always disappointed, just like how she had been disappointed for the past three years.

"That is why, slowly the young master began to think that all marriages are like this. He did not know what love is. Therefore, when you appeared before him and showered him with all you love and concern, he had to avoid it. He was avoiding it because he was not familiar with these kind of feelings as he had never felt this kind of love before. When he was young, he had a heart full of expectation and love, as he had waited and waited for his father to come home. However, he was only disappointed time and again and so he was now afraid of this feeling. He did not want to face this kind of feelings."

Ye Yuwei clenched her hands tightly together. The apple that she was peeling looked slightly deformed.

"Maybe I am not the one who can teach him what love is then," Ye Yuwei said bitterly, focusing her thoughts on cutting the apple in her hand.

After hearing Ye Yuwei's words, Auntie Mao shook her head and said, "Young Mistress, you always think that you love him, but do you really love him? You are waiting for him to love you back the way you love him, but you seem to have forgotten this. Young Master does not understand what love is, so if he cannot understand love, how can he reciprocate your love for him?"

Ye Yuwei looked up and opened her mouth slightly. She wanted to refute Auntie Mao's sentence but she could not.

"You are constantly caught up in your own world. You are always doing good things for him, you feel that you are showing him love by doing all that for him, but my child, do not be foolish anymore. There is no such thing in this world," Auntie Mao said and held onto Ye Yuwei's hands. "You are always doing things for him, but not telling him. You have never thought about talking to him, and he would never take the initiative to talk to you. Whoever gave the both of you the idea that you can understand what the other person wants without speaking?"

Auntie Mao's words were as sharp as a sword.

Ye Yuwei was lucky that Auntie Mao was holding on tightly to her hands, or else she would have accidentally cut herself with the knife.