The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 170

Chapter 170: It Will All Come Back to You

Ye Yuwei was surprised that she still had the courage and mood to talk about this.

However, the increasing pain in her lower abdomen made her feel that her menstruation was about to come.

This feeling made her put the apple and the fruit knife down. "Auntie Mao, I am going out to buy something. I will come back in a while. I will think carefully about what you have just said."

She did not carry those things around with her as she had not anticipated it.

As her clothing was thin, she felt that it would be better to buy a pack in advance, just so she would be prepared.

Auntie Mao saw that Ye Yuwei had already stood up, so she said nothing and watch as Ye Yuwei left the ward hurriedly.

"How could she deny that she was in pain? Really agitating an old lady like me," Auntie Mao mumbled as she stared down at her feet. She got out of bed and slowly walked out of the ward using her crutches.

The rain was still pouring heavily. Ye Yuwei wanted to go to the supermarket outside the hospital. She had to cross the road as the supermarket was directly across the road from the hospital.

Ye Yuwei walked across the road using an umbrella. She did not realize that someone was watching her closely.

In the meantime, Xiong Jianzhong had escaped on the way to prison, and the police were in hot pursuit after him.

In a car parked a distance away, 'Cheng Jie' wiped the pistol in his hand with a handkerchief. There was a cold expression on his face.

PA Mike hung up the phone and turned around to look at 'Cheng Jie'. "Second Master, I found out that Xiong Jianzhong left B City after the accident that year. Seven years ago, he only returned after having done extensive plastic surgery. He is now dominating the east side. That is why you have not been able to find out news about him."

"No one can be spared from heaven's reincarnation. If you have done evil, it will all come back to you,"'Cheng Jie' said faintly, putting away the handkerchief that he had used to wipe the pistol. "Drive."

PA Mike paused for a moment as he thought about the meaning behind his words.

He started driving the car and slowly approached Xiong Jianzhong who was running in the heavy rain, trying to avoid all the cars around him.

Cheng Jie raised the pistol in his hand and looked at the person outside, through the window. "The prosecution period for criminal cases in China is twenty years. I no longer have the right to prosecute him for the crime of killing my mother that year."

PA Mike continued driving silently.

"Unfortunately, the Yu Jiangqing now is no longer the Yu Jiangqing of the past," Cheng Jie said and immediately pulled the trigger without any hesitation.

The heavy rain kept pouring, and the bullet flew through the rain and went straight into the man's temple.

It was an extremely accurate shot.

"CEO, Yu Jiangqing has made his move," PA Wen's voice could be heard in the car that just passed by. He could hear the sound of the CEO throwing the pistol in his hand aside.

PA Wen trembled a little. That was quite a scare.

The car did not show any signs of stopping, but just drove on.

Gu Juexi cursed under his breath. He took out his phone and started dialling a number. When the person on the other side answered, he said, "Upload all the evidence of Xiong Jianzhong committing crimes into the police system within these two hours. Make sure that those evidence are sufficient to warrant a death penalty."

"Gu, what are you talking about?"

"I know that you can access the evidence. Just do that first," Gu Juexi said and hung up the phone immediately.

Lu Qichuan had just taken a shower at home. He stared at his cell phone. He had access to those evidence, but he wanted to know why Gu Juexi wanted him to do this.

After 'Cheng Jie' had fired that shot, PA Mike did not stop but kept driving on, disappearing into the night.