The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 171

Chapter 171: Rainy Night

'Cheng Jie' took the pistol back and blew carelessly on the mouth of the pistol.

PA Mike looked at 'Cheng Jie' through the rear-view mirror. He could kill a person without thinking twice. This Yu Jiangqing was really a different person now. He was heartless, more heartless than any of them.

Wasn't a heartless person something that they had been searching for all along?

It seemed like Yu Jiangqing could be trusted.

At this time, Ye Yuwei was looking around her as she waited for the green pedestrian light to cross the road. She checked the time on her watch. She was holding onto a grocery bag and she had her cell phone held between her shoulder and her head. She was calling Xiao Yaojing to inform her that she would be going home later as she was still accompanying Auntie Mao at the hospital.

"How did your interview go today?" Ye Yuwei asked as she was waiting for the green light to light up.

"Do you really need to ask? I have aced the interview and received an offer for the position of a personal loan manager. This position is even higher than the position I held previously," Xiao Yaojing exclaimed proudly.

She did not know that she had gotten the job because PA Wen had told the bank that this girl was good at what she does. A reminder such as this coming from PA Wen, who was the special assistant of Gu Juexi, was equivalent to the words coming directly from the mouth of the CEO of Gu Enterprise. The other party would definitely get the hint.

They were to offer the lady a good position at the bank.

"Yes, our Yaojing is the best." Ye Yuwei saw that the light had turned green. She hurriedly held the cell phone in her hand. The grocery bag was hanging onto her other hand, which was also holding onto the umbrella. "I will get back to you soon. Do you want me to get anything for you from the supermarket?"

"No need. I just bought a lot of food from the supermarket. Just come home as soon as you can."

Ye Yuwei understood Xiao Yaojing. Every time something good happened, she would buy plenty of snacks home to celebrate. This time was no exception.

As she was still talking to Xiao Yaojing, she saw Auntie Mao with her crutches. She was standing on the opposite side of the road waiting for her. Ye Yuwei paused for a moment and quickly replied, "Auntie Mao has come out to wait for me. I will go home later." Ye Yuwei hung up the phone and quickly accelerated her footsteps.


The glaring lights stopped her in her tracks. Ye Yuwei was forced to stop because of the sudden glare. She could hear the sound of a car racing towards her.

"Ye Yuwei, you can go to hell now," Yu Sha'er said as she looked at her sinisterly. She stepped hard on her pedal, increasing the speed of her car.

"Young Mistress!"

Auntie Mao screamed loudly through the heavy rain. Ye Yuwei could not see clearly because of the glare, but before she knew it, she had already been pushed out of the way.

PA Wen who was driving his car witnessed this scene but his mind went blank suddenly. Before he could react, the CEO who was sitting at the back of the car had already jumped out of the car.

That was—

Yu Sha'er!

After hitting the person with her car, Yu Sha'er quickly sped off. PA Wen drove after her without any hesitation.

This time, no one else but Yu Sha'er would be able to appease the CEO's anger.

Ye Yuwei was stunned for a moment as she was pushed to the ground. She turned around and looked behind her.

There were two umbrellas lying on the road that was filled with rain. All the things that Ye Yuwei had bought was scattered all over the road. The crutches that Auntie Mao was using were among the scattered items.

Ye Yuwei's hands, legs and even her face was filled with blood marks from the cuts she had gotten from the impact and friction with the asphalt road. However, she felt no pain at all. Everything was replaced with the image of Auntie Mao lying on the ground before her.

"Auntie Mao, Auntie Mao…" Ye Yuwei crawled toward Auntie Mao. Her soft and shaky voice was covered by the sound of the heavy rain.