The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 172

Chapter 172: Auntie Maos Only Regret

Ye Yuwei crawled over to Auntie Mao who was covered in blood. She held Auntie Mao tightly in her arms. "Help! Is there anyone there? Please help!" Ye Yuwei shouted desperately. Her voice resounded in the cold night air.

The blood coming out from Auntie Mao's mouth was washed away by the heavy rain. However, fresh blood began overflowing out of her mouth almost instantaneously. Auntie Mao kept the smile on her face as she tried to reach out and touch Ye Yuwei's face.

"Auntie Mao… please hold on. The doctors are coming soon. They are coming soon." Ye Yuwei's voice was shaky and tears began falling down her face.

"Young Mistress, I have been serving the Gu Family my entire life. The only person I am worried about now is the young master. My only regret is that I could not witness the young master growing up. Young Mistress, please listen to Auntie Mao. Give birth to a child. Give the young master a family. Only then will the young master grow up."

"Auntie Mao, Auntie Mao, nothing will happen to you." Ye Yuwei wept. She wanted to stop Auntie Mao's bleeding but she was bleeding from head to toe. Even her forehead was filled with blood. "Help! Is there anyone there? Please help!" Ye Yuwei looked around, her voice was getting hoarser. She could see someone running toward them from the hospital entrance, but the distance seemed so far away. It seemed so far away.

"Young Mistress, promise Auntie Mao that you will give birth to a child. Teach the young master what love truly is. Teach him how to love. Auntie Mao does not want him to be all alone in this world," Auntie Mao persisted. It seemed as though she did not care about her own life.

Gu Juexi quickly ran over to them. Before Ye Yuwei could react, Gu Juexi had already carried Auntie Mao in his arms and ran toward the hospital at lightning speed.

Ye Yuwei hurriedly got up and ran into the hospital, trying to catch up with them.

"Doctor, doctor!" Gu Juexi shouted as soon as he ran into the hospital. He placed Auntie Mao on a wheeled stretcher and followed closely as they pushed her toward the emergency room.

Auntie Mao held tightly onto Gu Juexi's hand and opened her mouth to speak.

Gu Juexi bent his back to listen closely to what she had to say.

"Auntie Mao knows that you are a good child. Live happily with the young mistress. Even if you are extremely busy, make more time to come home," Auntie Mao said, exhausting the last of her strength.

Auntie Mao was pushed into the emergency room. Gu Juexi punched the wall with his fist. He did not know if the blood on his fist was his, or Auntie Mao's.

"Auntie Mao." Ye Yuwei finally caught up to them. She knelt down in front of the emergency room. She no longer had the strength to stand up.

Gu Juexi turned around and looked at Ye Yuwei who was kneeling on the ground. Her whole body was filled with fine cuts and wounds. She was a complete mess. He did not know if the water on her face was tears or whether it was the rain. Her hair was completely wet and messed up by the heavy rain and strong winds.

Ye Yuwei sat on the ground. Her blood-stained hands were shaking uncontrollably. Her body was filled with numerous wounds but she could not feel anything.

What would she do if something were to happen to Auntie Mao?

Ye Yuwei had never felt so desperate and helpless before.

Gu Juexi slowly walked over to Ye Yuwei. He squatted beside her, and placed his arms around her shoulders.

Her shoulders were shaking violently. She was holding her head with her hands. It was as though she had just lost her entire world.

"Ye Yuwei," Gu Juexi whispered in a gentle voice that he never knew he had before.