The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 173

Chapter 173: I Only Want Mrs. Gu

Ye Yuwei did not look up. Her whole body was shaking violently, but the shaking began to reduce little by little.

Ye Yuwei felt her consciousness getting more and more vague. She felt her heart beating so fast, it felt like she could feel her heart beating throughout her body. She felt such a strong and sharp pain in her lower abdomen, that it felt like someone was ripping her body apart.

"Ye Yuwei, Ye Yuwei!" Gu Juexi shouted when Ye Yuwei suddenly passed out.

Gu Juexi was stunned for a moment. He quickly carried Ye Yuwei up, but did not notice the pool of blood beneath her.

Ye Yuwei was also sent to the emergency room. As Gu Juexi was waiting alone outside the emergency room, he wished that he could stab Yu Sha'er with a hundred knives at that very moment.

He would definitely not let her off so easily this time.

Gu Juexi clenched his hands tightly together. There was hatred in his eyes.

A group of doctors went into the emergency room when they were in the midst of rescuing Ye Yuwei.

Ye Yuwei and Auntie Mao had not come out of the emergency room when PA Wen returned.

"Where is she?" Gu Juexi asked.

"I have brought her back and handed her over to Ma San. He will lock her up and keep her quiet," PA Wen quickly replied.

Ma San was someone that helped Gu Juexi do his dirty jobs.

Before Gu Juexi could respond, the door of the emergency room was opened. Gu Juexi hurried over to the door.

The doctor took off the disinfection mask and said with a heavy heart, "Mrs. Gu is on the verge of having a miscarriage. Her condition has not stabilized yet."


Gu Juexi could only hear that word.

Ye Yuwei was pregnant?

PA Wen was also taken aback because the two times that Gu Juexi and Ye Yuwei had sexual relations, he was the one who had bought the pills under the CEO's instructions. That was why PA Wen knew about the matter.

How did the young mistress get pregnant?

"If her condition has not stabilized, then what are you doing out here? Will you be able to pay the price if anything happened to her?" Gu Juexi shouted as he grabbed onto the doctor's collar. He was as furious as an angry leopard targeting his prey.

PA Wen quickly ran over and held onto Gu Juexi's arm. He looked sympathetically at the doctor who was scared to death. Who would say that the CEO did not care about his wife now?

He just did not know how to express himself.

"CEO, please calm down and listen to what the doctor has to say first," PA Wen said and looked at the doctor again.

The doctor was shocked by Gu Juexi's action and subconsciously took a step back when Gu Juexi finally let go of him. Whatever the hospital nurses had gossiped and talked about Gu Juexi and his wife were indeed all untrue. The man standing before him was on the verge of going insane.

"Mr. Gu, if you insist on saving the child, we might lose both the child and Mrs. Gu in the end. However, if you give up on saving the child now, Mrs. Gu's life will not be in any more danger then," the doctor quickly explained.

"Are you really asking me this kind of stupid question at this time? I want Mrs. Gu. I only want Mrs. Gu," Gu Juexi shouted. He couldn't wait to kick the doctor back into the emergency room.

PA Wen looked at the doctor who quickly hurried back into the emergency room, and then turned to look at Gu Juexi who was violently out of control. He let out a huge sigh. This was an unforgettable scene. He should record this scene and show it to the young mistress later.

The CEO only had a sharp mouth. He did not know how to express himself. However, in his heart the position of Mrs. Gu had always belonged to only one person. That person was Ye Yuwei.

Otherwise he would have doubted if the child was his own as he had habitually given Ye Yuwei the pills after they had any intercourse.

Instead of getting angry and suspicious, the CEO only wanted to save Ye Yuwei's life. He only wanted her to live.

Unfortunately, the CEO always acted first, without thinking.

PA Wen patted Gu Juexi on the shoulder to comfort him.

Xiao Yaojing had asked him why he chose to stay by Gu Juexi's side.

This was because they did not understand that Gu Juexi only had a sharp mouth because he wanted to protect himself.

"Young Mistress will be fine. Auntie Mao will also be fine."