The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 177

Chapter 177: She Is My Wife!

Ye Yuwei was also shocked because of Gu Juexi's sudden action. She jumped a little and she could feel her heartbeat accelerating.

Even her breathing became irregular.

This was a sign that Gu Juexi was angry.

It was actually very scary when Gu Juexi was angry.

Lu Qichuan was not afraid, but instead kept smiling at Gu Juexi.

Gu Juexi was angry. Very angry!

When he asked her to eat, she retorted saying he did not need to control her.

When Lu Qichuan asked her to eat, she replied nicely saying she did not have any appetite.

Ye Yuwei was really capable. She could show different faces in a matter of seconds.

It was up to her whether she wanted to eat or not.

Gu Juexi thought to himself. He was so frustrated and annoyed that he stood up and walked outside.

PA Wen did not know what to do.

The CEO was actually pretty adorable.

His jealousy was so obvious that he might as well stick a jealousy sign on his face.

Ye Yuwei was also angry. She did not ask Gu Juexi to take care of her, so why was he angry and showing her his attitude right now?

PA Wen and Lu Qichuan exchanged glances with one another.

Lu Qichuan chatted with Ye Yuwei for a while before he excused himself. He went out of the ward to have a chat with that jealous man.

Gu Juexi was standing in the hallway outside, looking at the heavy rain that was still pouring. Lu Qichuan slowly approached Gu Juexi.

Gu Juexi stared at him coldly then continued looking outside.

"Did you finally realize that you love her now that you are in the midst of a divorce?" Lu Qichuan leaned against the railing and looked at Gu Juexi who was standing next to him.

"She is my wife," Gu Juexi said coldly.

No one else could have Ye Yuwei because she was his wife.

"But you do not love her," Lu Qichuan stated as a matter of fact.

"There are plenty of people that I do not love, but she is still my wife. You had better stay away from her," Gu Juexi said impatiently. "Have you done what I asked you to?"

Lu Qichuan shrugged. "Last night, Xiong Jianzhong was shot to death. How is it possible that there was such a coincidence? He happens to be the person who killed Yu Jiangqing's mother. Did the fox rebel?" Lu Qichuan asked. He had never looked so serious before. He kept staring at Gu Juexi, expecting an answer from him.

Yu Jiangqing had the closest relationship with Gu Juexi in the past. They were also the best partners. If Gu Juexi was a wolf; powerful and decisive, then Yu Jiangqing would be a fox; sly and treacherous.

Gu Juexi looked at the heavy rain outside. It had also rained heavily that year. They had no other way out and the look that they had exchanged under the heavy rain was the one that became the starting point of their decade-long plan.

"It's best that you stay out of this," Gu Juexi insisted.

"Were you just using me and Song as a part of your plans?" Lu Qichuan smiled bitterly. "You knew that Cheng Jie would not appear, but you did it anyway just for him to see. Gu, we are comrades on the front line. Besides you and fox, are we really worth nothing more to you?"

"I have already used you," Gu Juexi said with no expression on his face.

Lu Qichuan was speechless.

"It is better when you do not speak." Lu Qichuan felt that Gu Juexi was more likable when he kept his mouth shut.

"It's not that I do not trust you, but it becomes more complicated when more people are involved in this. I can take care of this together with fox. There will be a time when I will need your help," Gu Juexi clarified his sentence, probably out of fear that his comrade would misunderstand him.