The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 179

Chapter 179: Bai Yuyan

Ye Yuwei paused for a moment, but did not show any response.

She did not need to try so hard to please Gu Juexi's family anymore.

Gu Juexi looked at her cold response. She was not like this in the past.

In the past, she would be very attentive when it came to family matters. She would always prepare his father's, mother's, and even his grandma's birthday presents in advance and then make arrangements to deliver it abroad.

Was she acting like this now because they are about to get divorced?

Gu Juexi suddenly felt his rage rising again. He glared at Ye Yuwei.

Ye Yuwei turned a blind eye to him. Since he did not allow her to see Auntie Mao, then she did not want to see him too. She turned away and closed her eyes, planning to sleep instead.

At B City International Airport:

When PA Wen arrived at the airport, the old lady was already feeling impatient from waiting so long.

PA Wen quickly hurried over with a smile on his face. When he looked up, he saw the young woman standing next to the old lady.

"You must be PA Wen. Nice to meet you. I am Bai Yuyan, Grandma has told me about you," Bai Yuyan raised her hand to greet PA Wen.

PA Wen politely shook her hands and took a glance at the woman in front of him. She was about one hundred and seventy meters tall. She was wearing a white dress, with long curly chestnut colored hair, with a very intense gaze.

Although she was beautiful, she seemed to be rather unapproachable.

The intense gaze made people uncomfortable when they look at her. It seemed like she was trying to hide something.

"Oh, so you are Miss Bai. I have heard someone mention you before. Madame, let's go back to Gu Mansion first," PA Wen said as he took the luggage cart that Bai Yuyan was holding on to. He slowly walked behind them.

"Where is Juexi? Why didn't he come to pick me up?" The old lady said, clearly dissatisfied.

PA Wen quickly replied, "The CEO is still at the hospital. Young Mistress almost had a miscarriage last night. That is why the CEO is still at the hospital looking after her."

"Ye Yuwei is pregnant?" The old lady stood still in place.

PA Wen pretended that he did not see or hear anything and quickly opened the car door for them. "Madame, it is raining. You should get into the car first. I will place the luggage in the back and then we can leave."

The old lady listened to PA Wen's words and sighed as she got into the car.

PA Wen hurriedly placed the luggage at the back of the car and started the car.

Just as he was about to drive off, Bai Yuyan suddenly asked, "It is such good news that Mrs. Gu is pregnant. Is Mr. Gu very happy?"

The old lady was frowning. "Previously, Auntie Mao complained to me that Gu Juexi had been feeding the pills to Ye Yuwei. This child might not necessarily be his."

"Grandma, there is always an exception to everything," Bai Yuyan suddenly spoke up for Ye Yuwei. "Ye Yuwei would not do this kind of things. After all, we have known each other since we were young. Although she likes to take advantage of others, I doubt she would do this kind of thing."

PA Wen listened as Bai Yuyan slandered Ye Yuwei.

Ye Yuwei liked to take advantage of others? This was the funniest joke he had ever heard. He had already known Ye Yuwei for three years and he had never seen this trait of Ye Yuwei before.

"I already knew that woman was not a good person when she used Wen Jie to marry Juexi in the past. Wen Jie even thinks so highly of her," The old lady seemed dissatisfied as she mentioned her daughter-in-law. "What right does an orphan who has nothing have, to marry into our Gu family?"