The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 182

Chapter 182: Gu Juexi, Dont You Dare Hit Her!

Madame Gu had left. Bai Yuyan walked to the door and turned her head to look at Ye Yuwei in disdain. The room was finally quiet but Ye Yuwei was not the slightest relaxed.

Gu Juexi did not loosen up his grip on Ye Yuwei's shoulders. His eyes were filled with anger and resentment.

Restraining the pain, Ye Yuwei merely snorted but did not cry out.

Gu Juexi turned his head and held Ye Yuwei's wrist forcefully as if he wanted to snap it. He knew her very well—she wanted to abort their child. She was such a vicious woman. Even if he did not know why she would got pregnant after taking contraceptives, it was his child and he had never doubted that. Thinking of this, Gu Juexi completely lost his temper.

"Ye Yuwei, what you want to do?" Gu Juexi leaned over, pressed her down deep into the mattress. His eyes were blazing with furious rage as if he would strangle her to death in the next second.

Ye Yuwei was stunned by his glare but still straightened her neck and stared him in the eyes.

What she wanted to do? Gu Juexi wanted to know what Ye Yuwei wanted to do? She was clear that even if Gu Juexi did not stop her, she never wanted to abort the child.

"Mr Gu, don't you know that this is not your child?" Ye Yuwei's words were icy cold. The slanderous and damaging statement almost eroded all her sense of reason.

"Ye Yuwei!" Gu Juexi suddenly raised his hand high in the air.

"If you want to slap me, please hurry up. I want to rest after this." Ye Yuwei look up at him, without the slightest fear.

A red welt was left on her right cheek. Ye Yuwei could feel the burning pain from Madame Gu's slap.

"Gu Juexi, what are you doing?"

A loud snarl sounded. The next second, Ge Juexi was pushed backward before Gu Juexi could lay his hands on Ye Yuwei.


Seeing Ye Yuwei's red cheek, Xiao Yaojing gave Gu Juexi a big slap on the face before both Ye Yuwei and Gu Juexi could react.

"Gu Juexi, you hit a woman? Are you a man?" Xiao Yaojing scolded him and there was no signs of her stopping at beating him up.

This fueled his anger further. Gu Juexi had never been hit by another woman beside Ye Yuwei. He raised his hand again, in an attempt to fight back.

"Gu Juexi, don't you dare hit her!" Ye Yuwei suddenly shouted. Her intense anger had caused a sudden pain in her abdomen. Ye Yuwei curled up in a ball, holding her abdomen.

'Young Mistress, promise me. Please give Master a child.'

Auntie Mao's words rang in her ears, over and over again.

'This child…'

"Ye Zi…Ye Zi…" Xiao Yaojing turned to look at Ye Yuwei that was curled up in pain.

Gu Juexi hastily called the doctor over. In less than four hours, Ye Yuwei was sent into the emergency room again.

'Young Mistress, promise me. Please give Master a child.'

Lying on the bed, Ye Yuwei was vaguely conscious as she stared at the ceiling. Auntie Mao's still lingered, echoing in her ears over and over again.

'The child…"

"Ye Yuwei...Ye Yuwei…"

Her sight grew dim. She seemed to hear Gu Juexi calling her name. His dark face flashed across before falling into the boundless expanse of darkness.