The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 183

Chapter 183: It Is Such a Dreadful Task

Once again, Ye Yuwei was sent into the emergency room. Xiao Yaojing was burning with fury while Gu Juexi stood at the corridor, far away from her.

Xiao Yaojing had nearly hit Gu Juexi at the corridor. In hindsight if it was not because of Ye Yuwei defending Xiao Yaojing, Gu Juexi would definitely not let her off easily.

PA Wen reached the hospital after sending Madame Gu home. Seeing this, PA Wen sank into contemplation, hesitating whether to walk near the two of them. He knew that if he did not move forward, Xiao Yaojing might be the next one being sent to the emergency room. Finally, PA Wen walked toward them to rescue Xiao Yaojing.

As soon as PA Wen walked near them, Xiao Yaojing glared at him, her eyes full of killing intent. Seeing her, PA Wen subconsciously trembled as he said, "I have sent Madame Gu home."

Gu Juexi did not utter a word. His gaze was fixed on the emergency room.

"Bastard! Ye Zi was truly blind for falling for you." Xiao Yaojing snarled.

Startled, PA Wen pulled Xiao Yaojing away before Gu Juexi exploded with rage.

"Miss Xiao, I have something to check with you, let's discuss about it outside."

"Boot-licker! Let go of me!" Xiao Yaojing widened her eyes in anger as she shouted. PA Wen quickly covered her mouth with his hand as he pulled her away.

Only when they walked out the hospital, Xiao Yaojing turned her hands over to smack PA Wen. PA Wen quickly took a step back.

"Miss Xiao, I really have something to check with you. Did Young Mistress tell you about her childhood friend?"

Slightly startled, Xiao Yaojing stopped moving. "Childhood friend?"

"Yes. Her childhood friend in the orphanage," PA Wen answered hastily.

On the way back to Gu Mansion, Bai Yuyan seemed to have stood up for Ye Yuwei because she was her childhood friend. But if one listened carefully, her words were actually filled with all kinds of accusations against Ye Yuwei. It was a pity that Madame Gu did not detect that.

"I thought her friends in the orphanage had all died? Oh yea, there is another young lady was taken away by her wealthy family." Xiao Yaojing was still burning with rage as she answered.

"That's the one. Did Mrs. Gu tell you about her?" PA Wen asked eagerly.

"She rarely talks about her. Ye Zi would never talk behind people's backs. Why do you ask about this?" Xiao Yaojing glared at him in annoyance.

"Nothing, I just think that Miss Bai is very good at bad mouthing people." PA Wen's face was impassive.

PA Wen buried into contemplation. Gu Juexi was too obtuse to take the hint. He must tell Gu Juexi about this before it was too late.

Ye Yuwei was pushed out of the emergency room again. The doctor repeatedly explained that Ye Yuwei might lose her child if she did not control her emotions. Even though she disliked Ye Yuwei bearing Gu Juexi's child, it was Ye Yuwei's child after all.

Xiao Yaojing chased Gu Juexi away as he would only do more harm than good. PA Wen was actually of the same thought. However, Gu Juexi was reluctant to leave.

Xiao Yaojing stared at PA Wen seemingly to signal him, 'You'd better shoo your brainless boss away.'

PA Wen subconsciously stroked his neck. 'It is such a dreadful task.'