The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 185

Chapter 185: A Fox Named Yu Jiangqing

Worried about Gu Juexi coming back, Xiao Yaojing refused to go back.

Ye Yuwei smiled bitterly. She knew that she had completely offended Gu Juexi the moment she wanted to kill the child.

Though she did not know why Gu Juexi wanted to keep the child. He was not even sure if it was his child.

Gu Juexi did not show up that night because he went to see Yu Jiangqing.

They stood by the river that is quiet after the storm.

Gu Juexi leaned against his car while fidgeting with a lighter Ye Yuwei got for his birthday two years ago. He did not really care what she got for him but the truth was he always had the lighter with him. It was not some branded lighter but decent enough for him, and it ignited blue flames that flickered in the dark.

A man in black coat then showed up, with a cap that covered his entire face.

"Do you know what you are doing?" Gu Juexi put the lighter away and asked the man in the cap, "There is no going back if you killed him."

"Then our sacrifice became pointless. Cheng Jie is watching me," said the man with coarseness in his voice.

"I said I will take care of it," said Gu Juexi.

The man then took off his cap, revealing a beautiful face. He has small and long eyes, thin lips, and him smiling under the moonlight made him look evil and charming at the same time.

He looked like someone that exists only in drawings – his skin as white as snow, nose as sharp as a pen. It was a different kind of handsome compared to Gu Juexi. To describe this man with an animal, he looked like a fox. A fox named Yu Jiangqing.

"Boss, you have done enough for me. I have to do it myself this time," said Yu Jiangqing as he chuckled to himself. He leaned against the car too beside Gu Juexi. "There was someone else behind Cheng Jie. A woman."

"A woman?"

"Yes. I overheard Cheng Jie calling someone Sister Ying. For Cheng Jie to call her sister, she must be the one we are looking for," said Yu Jiangqing with hatred in his eyes.

Gu Juexi continued to fidget with his lighter.

"Cheng Jie trusts me completely now. He is letting me handle the illegal funds," said Yu Jiangqing as he looked at Gu Jiexi. "So make Ye Yuwei quit."

Gu Juexi's hands stopped fidgeting for a moment but did not say a word.

"I already made Qichuan take care of Xiong Jianzhong, but I don't want it to happen again," said Gu Juexi as he opened the car door and looked at Yu Jiangqing. "Our plan didn't include losing you. I hope this is the first and the last time."

Yu Jiangqing shrugged. He knew this man came to tell him this.

Gu Juexi wound down the window after he got into his car. "We will take our revenge, but not with your future or no one can save you from this," said Gu Juexi who wound up the window and left.

Yu Jiangqing recalled what Gu Juexi did back then and smiled.For revenge, he left the troop without explaining about the mole, and it ruined his military career.

Gu Juexi went to the hospital after leaving the river.

The corridor in the hospital was in pin drop silence, which made his footsteps sound extra distinct.