The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 188

Chapter 188: Qian Yikuns Visit

The old mistress was so annoyed that she swore to drive Ye Yuwei away.

Meanwhile, 'Cheng Jie' was teasing his bird on the balcony of his mansion. Mike showed up at the balcony with a phone in his hand.

"Master Cheng asked for you," said Mike as he handed the phone over to 'Cheng Jie'.

'Cheng Jie' smiled a little took over the phone. "Sounds like you're in a good mood, Master Cheng."

"Mr. Yu must be in a good mood too, Mike just banked in the balance of the fund to your account. Pump in the money to your project with Gu Juexi, and we shall be on the same boat once the project is implemented," said the man coldly.

'Cheng Jie' stopped teasing the bird and drew back his hand when the bird suddenly pecked him on the hand. "You are not worried about me anymore, Master Cheng?"

"Mr. Yu, you have already proven yourself to me, and the legendary Gu Juexi doesn't seem to be as mighty as the rumors say. You are authorized to deal with this man from today onward, and I await your good news."

'Cheng Jie' tossed the phone to Mike after hanging up and ordered Mike to prepare the second tranche of the investment fund.

The war, had begun.

Entering August, a heat wave swept across the city.

Ye Yuwei had almost fully recovered but the doctor suggested her to stay for longer for better monitoring.

Learning from the last lesson, Ye Yuwei paid all the hospital charges by herself this time. After making payment, she bumped into Qian Yikun who happened to come to the hospital.

Qian Yikun did not expect to see Ye Yuwei at the hospital's payment counter, but it did not stop him from smiling elegantly and nodding at Ye Yuwei. "Are you feeling better, Mrs. Gu? I should have visited you earlier but I was caught up in something in the hotel… I am sorry."

Ye Yuwei was surprised that Qian Yikun actually came to visit her. "I feel much better now, you are too kind, Mr. Qian," said Ye Yuwei quickly after Qian Yikun apologized.

Qian Yikun put a smile on his face and they walked together to her ward.

"My parents are resting abroad. My mother has been telling me to visit you, I am sorry that it took so long," said Qian Yikun as he pressed the elevator and made sure that there was enough space for Ye Yuwei.

Ye Yuwei appreciated Qian Yikun's thoughtful gestures, and was relieved that he was dumped by a gold-digger like Bai Yuyan.

Ye Yuwei recalled the days back in the orphanage when people often came to adopt orphans. Bai Yuyan had been cute and smart since she was a little girl, so she often got selected for adoption. She however refused to be adopted by families that were not wealthy.

At that time, she and all other orphans wished that they were the ones who got selected. They did not get along with Bai Yuyan and despised on her gold-digger attitude despite their young age.

Ye Yuwei thanked Qian Yikun softly after they got into the elevator.

Qian Yikun behaved like a gentleman as always, and talked gently to Ye Yuwei like a big brother. His actions were not loud, but just enough to take care of every detail.