The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 190

Chapter 190: What Did You Say to Qian Yikun?

Ye Yuwei understood everything clearly now.

Gu Juexi was standing by the door, laughing at the scene he was looking at. However, his expression quickly changed when he saw Qian Yikun standing inside. He straightened his posture and started walking in.

Gu Juexi walked to the bedside and glanced at Bai Yuyan who quickly stood up to make way for him. She was visibly upset.

"Oh, you are here, Brother Gu," Bai Yuyan said softly. Her expression showed that she had suffered some form of injustice.

Gu Juexi sat down by the bedside and lifted the quilt to properly cover Ye Yuwei. It seemed like he did not hear what Bai Yuyan had said. He stared directly at Qian Yikun and said, "CEO Qian, you have made time to visit my wife even when you are so busy. We have received your kind intentions. When my wife recovers and can be discharged, we will personally go and thank you."

He was indirectly implying that his wife was sick and that he could go home now.

Gu Juexi had not forgotten that Ye Yuwei had previously taken refuge at Qian Yikun's house.

He did not feel good at all when he sees Qian Yikun now.

Qian Yikun pressed his lips tightly together and pretended not to hear the dissatisfaction in Gu Juexi's voice. However, he quickly got up and looked at Ye Yuwei. "Mrs. Gu, I shall take my leave first. Please rest well and recover soon. My promise will always be effective. I will leave first then, Mr. Gu. See you soon," Qian Yikun said and then turned to leave.


As soon as Gu Juexi heard Qian Yikun's words, the expression on his face changed instantly.

'What promise?'

Gu Juexi glared coldly at Ye Yuwei. Was Lu Qichuan not enough? What was this woman doing with Qian Yikun now?

Ye Yuwei looked up at Gu Juexi's cold expression and immediately felt that he was being unreasonable again.

Bai Yuyan stood silently behind Gu Juexi. She felt that she had played her part very well earlier. "Since Brother Gu is here, I will not bother the both of you anymore," Bai Yuyan suddenly said. "But Brother Gu, you have not been home for a few days already. I feel that you should go home and visit Grandma first."

Gu Juexi turned around and looked at the woman who was standing behind him. He frowned and said, "What has it got to do with you, whether I go back to my own house or not?"

Nobody had ever treated Bai Yuyan this way before and so her face was instantly red with embarrassment. She did not know how to reply him.

Ye Yuwei leaned against her bed and looked sympathetically at Bai Yuyan as this scene unfolded before her. Gu Juexi would never hold back his words, just because she was a lady.

Perhaps he had never needed to consider the feelings or thoughts of others in his life because of his status. His status did not require him to spare a thought for others, but it had always been the responsibility of those around him to try and figure out what he wanted.

Bai Yuyan fled the room out of embarrassment and Ye Yuwei watched on with a nonchalant expression on her face.

Gu Juexi lowered his head and held Ye Yuwei's hands tightly in his own. Ever since that day, he had taken a liking for Ye Yuwei's hands. Every time he came to the hospital, he would hold on tightly to her hands.

Her hands were warm and soft, and it felt very comfortable to hold it in his palms.

Ye Yuwei did not understand his actions.

She wanted to release her hand from his grip, but Gu Juexi obviously did not want to let go.

"What did you say to Qian Yikun?" Gu Juexi asked in a faint voice, he did not look up but continued playing around with her fingers. Her fingers looked slimmer now, it seemed like she had lost weight again. It must be because Wen Tao did not feed her properly these few days. He must remember to scold him later.

PA Wen who had just settled the hospital bills suddenly sneezed. He looked around him thinking, who was cursing him?

Ye Yuwei looked at the back of Gu Juexi's head, as his head was lowered. She tried to ignore the feeling that she was experiencing.

Holding hands was the first thing that every couple in love would do.