The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 194

Chapter 194: I Heard That You Smashed Gus Car

"Leave?" Wen Jie laughed softly. "I have never walked by your father's side, so why should I leave?"

Gu Juexi was confused. 'Then why does Ye Yuwei want to leave?'

She had once walked by his side. She had also walked on her own, but…

That little girl who had come to ask for his signature that year, that little girl who had come to him with brightness in her eyes.

He said that Ye Yuwei had changed. She did not look at him with that sparkle in her eyes anymore.

However, when she looked at other people, her eyes carried that same sparkle that she had in her throughout the years. It was only when she looked at him that her eyes were no longer bright anymore.

Gu Juexi clenched his hands tightly together. That was why he knew. Ye Yuwei was leaving him.

"If I loved your father as much as Wei-Wei loved you, maybe I could have seen through it. So what else could I do? The only thing that bound me together with him in this life was you," Wen Jie said with a smile. "My dearest son, you might have just lost the only woman who loved you more than your mother."

Gu Juexi hung up his mother's call and leaned back against the back of the chair. He looked out at the pedestrians walking outside.

[You might have just lost the only woman who loved you more than your mother.]

Ye Yuwei?

He did not have much memory about her, and the memories that he had of her were not so clear.

What he was clear about was that her eyes had carried hope, but it had slowly disappeared throughout the years.

PA Wen drove quietly because the aura that the CEO was emitting was really scary. He was afraid that if he said anything wrong, the CEO could turn this terrifying aura into violent actions. At that point, the only one who would be unlucky would be himself.

It was six o'clock at the hospital and it was still early.

Ye Yuwei had requested for Ouyang Xianxin to forward her some documents so that she could look through them as she was bored.

Xiao Yaojing who had come to visit her after getting off work, was reprimanding her for still helping Gu Juexi in his company even at this time.

"I am just really bored," Ye Yuwei said as she analyzed the data.

Xiao Yaojing sighed and quietly handed her an apple that had been peeled.

Ye Yuwei smiled and thanked her. She put down her cell phone and asked her while munching on the apple, "How is your new job?"

"It is pretty good. The leaders are also very good to me," Xiao Yaojing said while looking for something else to eat on the table.

Ye Yuwei thought to herself, 'This must be Gu Juexi's work.' When Gu Juexi personally spoke, nobody would dare to ignore his words.

When Lu Qichuan arrived, the two of them were arguing over what to eat for dinner.

Lu Qichuan took up the lunchbox in his hands and started smiling. "Looks like I arrived at the right time."

"Brother Lu?" Ye Yuwei was surprised to see him as she had not expected him to come over.

After that day, Lu Qichuan had been very busy.

Xiao Yaojing turned around and faced Lu Qichuan. She was a little dazed at that instant.

Xiao Yaojing suddenly held Ye Yuwei's hand so hard that it hurt. Ye Yuwei could not help but turn to look at her. Xiao Yaojing suddenly stood up, sorted her clothes and said, "Hi, I am Xiao Yaojing. I am Ye Yuwei's friend."

Ye Yuwei was speechless at that moment.

Lu Qichuan nodded and seemed to have a good impression of her. "Nice to meet you. I heard that you smashed Gu's car in the past. Well done."

Ye Yuwei was utterly speechless.

As she watched the both of them shaking hands, she could see that Xiao Yaojing was interested in Lu Qichuan. Ye Yuwei felt that the situation was getting somewhat mysterious.