The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 196

Chapter 196: Fury II

Gu Juexi lowered his back and pressed his hands against Ye Yuwei's head. He slowly spoke some heart-wrenching words, word by word into Ye Yuwei's ears.

"I have not died. Even if you were to cheat, please remember to do it in secrecy. After all, it is better not to let others know of such a shameless thing."

Ye Yuwei's eyes suddenly widened because of his words. Her heart felt like it was being ripped to pieces.

"What are you talking about?" Ye Yuwei said, as she bit down on her lower lip. She could taste the faint taste of blood in her mouth.

Lu Qichuan heard Gu Juexi's words and felt that this matter was getting overboard.

"Gu, I was just…"

"You shut up! What has this got to do with you?" Gu Juexi continued staring at Ye Yuwei. He sighed and said, "Mom said that I have lost a woman who loved me more than my own mother does. Ye Yuwei, you are incredible. You have fooled so many people with your seemingly innocent face."

Every single word of Gu Juexi was like a sharp blade. However, it was not clear if the blade was targeted at Ye Yuwei or himself.

Ye Yuwei listened to his words and she began trembling uncontrollably.

She bit onto her lower lip tightly and there was blood on it. Ye Yuwei held the quilt tightly in her hands and struggled to hold her tears back.

"Yes, the first person who had discovered me in the past was him, so what if I liked him?"

"Yuwei…" Lu Qichuan hurriedly stopped her. Although she had said what he had always wanted to hear, this was not the situation that he had wanted to hear those words.

Gu Juexi held Ye Yuwei by her chin and said, "You want to be with him? Wait until the day that I die. As long as I am alive, we can continue keeping this up. Ye Yuwei, I have plenty of time to continue fighting with you on this." After he had finished speaking, Gu Juexi turned around and punched Lu Qichuan in the face.


Xiao Yaojing screamed. Gu Juexi took the lunchbox from PA Wen's hands and threw it onto the ground. The dishes inside were all scattered on the ground together with the broken pieces of the porcelain bowl.

PA Wen took a step back. He watched as the CEO walked away with big steps.

Before going to the five-star hotel Gu Juexi had personally determined what food Ye Yuwei liked to eat. He had only got the order in when all the food menu had been approved by Butler Kim. Gu Juexi had personally stood there and watched the chef as he prepared the meal because he was afraid that the chef would add any unhealthy food inside.

In fact, this was the first time PA Wen had seen the CEO acting this way. This was the first time the CEO had put so much time and effort into something out of work. It seemed like he was afraid that anything that went wrong would cause Ye Yuwei to suffer.

He felt that after speaking to the mistress, the young master was trying his best to learn how to be good toward the young mistress. Going to the hotel to book the meal for the young mistress was the young master's first step at treating the young mistress well.


PA Wen looked at Lu Qichuan. Xiao Yaojing was helping him to wipe the blood of his lips. He then looked at Ye Yuwei who was sitting quietly on her bed. He finally shook his head and turned to leave the ward.

Ye Yuwei hand starting hurting because she was holding on forcefully to the quilt. She could feel her fingernails breaking from the force.

[Ye Yuwei, you are incredible. You have fooled so many people with your seemingly innocent face.]

Ye Yuwei could not stop shaking.

Ye Yuwei could feel her eyesight blurring. She could feel her tears flowing down her face.

"Yuwei." Xiao Yaojing sat on the bed and reached out and wiped the tears off her face. "Just ignore that mad man."