The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 197

Chapter 197: The Kitchen Blew Up

"Yuwei, I am sorry. This is all my fault," Lu Qichuan said quietly.

Ye Yuwei still had tears flowing out her eyes and she could taste the bitterness in her mouth but she still smiled at him. However, her smile carried a tinge of bitterness.

Lu Qichuan was distressed. He clenched his own hands tightly. Had he done something wrong?

It was obvious that he had pushed Gu Juexi to his limits. If he did not come today, Gu Juexi would not have gotten angry. He would not have said those hurtful words to him.

Gu Juexi who had gotten out of the hospital, pressed his hand tightly against the car.

What did he say?

It was not his fault, it was Ye Yuwei's fault. Who asked her to be so close to other men? She was his wife, so how could she still be so close with other men?

On one hand she had Lu Qichuan, on the other she had Qian Yikun. He was on the verge of going insane today.

PA Wen stood silently behind him. He did not know what to say and he did not know if he should pity the CEO. The CEO never knew how to bow down to others. He had always hidden his real feelings behind his arrogant face because he was afraid of getting hurt.

PA Wen sent him to his home then left.

When PA Wen was coming down from the building, he received a phone call from Wen Jie. He quickly stepped into the elevator before answering the call. "Mistress." PA Wen quickly updated Wen Jie about what had happened today.

After Wen Jie finished listening to PA Wen's words, she smiled and said, "That is good. My son finally has some emotions. He has finally learned how to care for Wei-Wei. Unfortunately, it is all too late." Wen Jie sighed helplessly.

PA Wen kept his silence.

Perhaps no one would ever know the impulse that people feel when they are in love with someone.

For the CEO, loving someone turned him into a bully. He felt that he could hurt her because he was in love with her.

His CEO was a very strange person.

After Gu Juexi had calmed down at home, he went to the kitchen and quickly opened the refrigerator. He took some ingredients out and threw them back in again.

'Is it really that great if you know how to cook?'

In this world, there was nothing that Gu Juexi could not do. How difficult would it be to prepare a meal?

Before PA Wen could reach home, he received a phone call from the CEO asking him to go back quickly.

PA Wen did not dare to delay and quickly drove back to his apartment. He felt that something was wrong as soon as he stepped out of the elevator. He pressed the doorbell and waited for a while before Gu Juexi answered the door wearing a bathrobe.

As soon as he entered the house, he could not help but stretch his arms out to fan off the smell of something burning.

"The kitchen blew up. Get someone to clean it up," Gu Juexi said and turned to return to his room to change clothes.

PA Wen was speechless.

'The kitchen blew up?

'Mind telling me what happened here, my dear CEO? What did you do to this kitchen that has nothing to do with you?'

Naturally, Gu Juexi did not explain himself but went out immediately after changing his clothes.

PA Wen was utterly speechless.

This was no longer the CEO that he knew. He had better get the kitchen fixed first.

As Xiao Yaojing had been accompanying her for a few nights in the hospital, Ye Yuwei asked Lu Qichuan to help her to send Xiao Yaojing home.

"But, Yuwei…"

"Don't worry, I am fine. I am not such an emotional person. This little matter will not do anything to me," Ye Yuwei said with a reassuring smile. "All these years, I am already used to it."

Ye Yuwei spoke in a normal tone and there was nothing different in her voice.